hearting fall sports, both on island

Mom and pops are here, along with Patrick’s high school friend Vance. Hence, no posts for a while. As usual, mom’s cooking adds at least five pounds to the gut, which doesn’t bode as well in Hawaii as it did in the cooler winter season of Bako. Ah well, bacon, fried eggs, and biscuits and gravy in the morning sure beats cold cereal.

Yesterday was sporting event spectator day as we spent the first half of the day in the country (North Shore) watching the Vans Triple Crown surfing tournament in Hale’iwa. Holy freaking cow. It was amazing. And unlike most sporting events, spectators literally have front row access to the competitors. We sat next to one of the competitor’s family and enjoyed Dean Morrison’s first hand perspective of riding the waves. JD kept pointing to people and whispering their names to me, “dude that’s Mick Fanning,” and I would say, “who’s that?” Well, I did know that particular surfer, but most of the others I had not a clue. It was still great to sit on the sand, eat potato chips and french onion dip, drink ginger ale, and enjoy the sun while ginormous waves crashed in front of me.

After several heats of competition, it was time to move on to the UH v. Boise State football game. I must digress for a moment and say that it was a tiny bit weird to cheer on a team while not wearing bruin blue, but I did manage to survive. For my brother. And the Island. We ate our weight in garlic fries, roasted corn, hamburgers, and hot dogs and came home with fire in our bellies. What a game. JD and I commented that it was a different experience to cheer on a team that wasn’t making ridiculous mistakes or losing. For real, the football was legitimate last night. Both teams put on a show, with UH coming out on top. Very exciting for our small island and the Warriors.

I have decided that, while I enjoy not having cable tv, next football season might just bring the Groves some serious cable, because a Saturday in the fall just isn’t the same without college ball.


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