For the Record… But who’s keeping track?

At nine am I shoveled two bags of cheetos in my mouth.

At ten thirty, I sucked on 5 chocolate dipped altoids

And at noon, I consumed a bag of Lays potato chips.

Let’s chat a little bit about the CRAZINESS that is pregnancy. Food aversions and food cravings have had a really strong effect on me.

For instance, I no longer eat:

  • rice
  • chicken
  • macaroni and cheese
  • steamed vegetables
  • coffee
  • sweets
  • spanish rice
  • chili beans
  • puerto rican beans (oh this makes me soooo sad)

But I do desperately need (yes, need) to eat:

  • Potato chips… or potatoes in any form
  • 7 Layer burritos
  • Nacho Supremes (processed cheese please)
  • an occasional really fresh salad… (hmm I only want fresh fruits and vegetables and yet can’t seem to go without sour cream and processed food?)
  • an english muffin, toasted, with egg whites only, pepper jack cheese, and Safeway freshly sliced deli ham cooked on the grill
  • cucumbers.

My new thing is rice crispy cereal. I woke up this morning longing, even yearning, to put a big spoonful of snap, crackle, and pop into my mouth, hold my tongue against the roof of my mouth, and let the crispy do its thing! Luckily for me, there was such a box of said cereal and I ate my share of a giant bowl of the goodness.

Anyone else out there experience weird pregnancy cravings? Because for real, I want to shake myself and say “where did you go? who are you? what have you done with the person that used to be me??!”


One Reply to “For the Record… But who’s keeping track?”

  1. I’m in week 12 today and food cravings/aversions have been a daily adventure for me… I can’t eat rice anymore and my normal love of beef has severely waned. My new thing is scrambled eggs! I haven’t eaten egg yolks in years (the taste makes me nauseous) but now it’s scrambled eggs every day for breakfast.

    Good luck on your pregnancy, it’s always nice to hear stories from women sharing the same adventure 🙂

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