I sit in my office in solitude this morning. JD is sick in bed, which always seems a bit odd to me. I walk into the room and see a giant lump hidden under the covers, as if a large tree has fallen down and buried itself underground. I am still in awe of his size.

Surrounding me are Bible commentaries, my journal, my Bible, and a Henri Nouwen book. I walk into Sean’s office just to announce, “in my second life I want to write Bible commentaries.” Nothing in the world gets me more excited about Jesus then digging into historical commentaries drenched in cultural context. I love this God! Sitting on the couch I have my own little seminary and secretly (or not so secretly) wish I would just start learning Greek. I don’t do so well outside academic parameters, however. I need the structure and discipline of a classroom and fear of poor grades to really get at it. The commentaries will do for now.

I am in the midst of writing a lesson on Mary, “The response of the called” for our high school students. I love Mary’s response to Gabriel – first just confusion, then willing submission. I’ve come to new understandings in my role as a youth leader lately. My young, mystic ideas of preparing sermons (lessons) involved lots of praying and waiting for God to send a Word. Lessons learned: 1) this is unrealistic when preparing one or two lessons per week and 2) this is what embedded theology, Bible commentaries, prayer, books, various translations, etc. are for. Amen.

Anywho, I should get back to my nerd-om now. A very large and scary commentary awaits my digging.

p.s. – for all of you who won’t be grossed out by this, pictures of the belly are coming soon. Even though the belly is mostly nonexistent right now. But hey, what’s a website for if you can’t track a pregnancy week by week huh?!


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