Is the number of times I threw up before 10:00 am today.

Feeling especially nauseous, I trekked over to staff meeting to represent the Groves (JD is also sick, but his consists of being bed-bound). Our head pastor, Brad, took one look at me this morning when he walked in and said, “You don’t look like you feel good.”

No… no I did not feel good. Still don’t actually… but this made me feel years better:

The staff tried to think of ways to sooth the nausea and I explained that the only thing that really helps in the morning is meat. Soda crackers are nice, but they really don’t do the trick. And this morning, neither did rice krispie cereal (vomit #2 after the routine stomach acid puke), peanut butter toast (vomit #3), and water (vomit #4). We had run out of ingredients for my special sandwich and JD was too sick to cook me up some eggs (I will throw up if I cook in the morning. I feel as fragile as glass before I eat). It was me vs. our fridge without deli ham.

I was explaining this to our dear staff when pastor Brad says, “Do you need an egg mc muffin? I will go get you an egg mc muffin with sausage.” And just like that, Brad up and leaves the staff meeting to drive to McDonalds for a sausage and egg mc muffin.

500 + calories never tasted better.


Oh and four plus two is the number of pounds I have gained. A good three ahead of schedule… Uh Oh.


5 Replies to “Four”

  1. I LOVED McDonalds during those first 14 weeks. Meat was the only thing that helped me too. And based on your tummy pics….6 pounds won’t hurt you 🙂

  2. Barbie – I am thrilled to hear someone else say meat helped them. So far most people have said that bland carbs do the trick for them, and well, let’s be honest – that’s a trip straight to the toilet bowl for me!!!

    Jen – I hope I’m nearby you when you have a baby so I can go get you whatever you are craving. It really is a God send. Nothing in the world will satisfy me except the exact thing I am craving.

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