Terrible Mother Thought of the Day

I hesitate to tell you this for fear that you might contact CPS before the baby arrives, but I’m going to risk it anyway.

Yesterday I puked seven times. In my lifetime BP (before pregnancy), I puked a total of five times. I beat  my own record in one day! Accompanying this vomiting was a splendid case of dizziness. So much so that I told JD to call our paramedic friend to find out at what stage in this torture process I should to drive myself to the hospital. He didn’t, of course, and told me to keep drinking water. I’d rather just have the IV...

This morning I woke to find myself still incredibly dizzy, yet thankfully without the vomiting. Urine clear, skin – um – doing what it’s supposed to when you pinch it to check for dehydration… no signs of needing an IV. I called my doctor anyhow, just to make sure I was doing ok. She comforted me by telling me, “You are experiencing normal symptoms of pregnancy. Dizzy spells are quite common and can come and go at any time during the first sixteen weeks.” Splendid. Once again, I am quite normal – what with the puking and the dizzy spells and the worst acne of my life. Not only that, but I potentially have another four weeks of this nonsense (or, if I follow in the family gene pool, I might get stuck with it for nine months like my mother. Poor mom. Please forgive me for torturing you)…

Tonight I lay in bed with a dizzy spell and headache, when JD walked in the room. I told him these words, “I wish I could just yank this baby out of my stomach, put it in a box with some blankets and a warming light, just so I can stop feeling nauseous for an hour!” Yes folks, tonight I reached the point when I actually wanted to rip this tiny fetus from my belly for an hour or so. And then I decided that this was a terrible thing for a mother-to-be to say; however, I have yet to repent.


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