and it was merry indeed

In honor of our first, and most likely our last, Christmas celebrated by the two of us alone, JD and I made the most of it by enjoying a quiet, relaxing two days – finishing the holiday with dinner at our good friends, the Palmers. Here are the highlights:

  • Christmas Eve lunch provided by Taco Bell for the pregnant lady
  • bodysurfing at Kalamas for a couple hours (JD has been trying to get me in the waves for months, but after my knee injury I’ve been reluctant. Prego in the water folks, watch out)
  • It’s a Wonderful Life, Rudolph, and Frosty served with pork chops.
  • Stocking exchange on Christmas Eve
  • IChat with family as brother and I and JD unwrapped presents from each other (a tradition in our family for Pat and I to open each other’s gifts on Christmas Eve. It began when we were young and couldn’t wait just one more day to open presents. We haven’t quite let the tradition die yet)
  • Dutch babies with powdered sugar for breakfast on Christmas morning
  • Rowdy’s demolition of his two new chew toys in a matter of hours. He was so excited he even wet himself on our porch.
  • more IChat with the fam
  • smoked ham, rice pilaf, green beans sauteed in garlic and peanuts, and mac salad at the Palmers
  • drooling babies (not ours – ours is swimming in its own urine right now)
  • and of course, three vomits in 24 hours. Still praying for that Christmas miracle called “The Cease of Morning Sickness.” I have a week and a half before I completely give up hope of it going away for any portion of the nine months – doc keeps telling me to wait until 16 weeks, so I’m waiting…

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