Growing Puppy and Growing Belly Update: Week 18!!!

I realize it’s been weeks since I’ve last posted a belly update, but life’s been CrAzY for a while! We’ve so enjoyed company for the past few weeks as JD’s family and childhood friends squeezed into our the Groves’ cottage and brought life and laughter into our home. Kenneth is still here with us for a short while more, but our home seems so empty now! Rowdy is quite sad and chews endlessly at the absence of company. He’ll be fine in a few days though! Here a few pics of JD and Rowdy’s favorite pastimes…


Resting after a wrestling match with dad


Cuddling with dad


BBQing with a headless dad 😉

And of course, here is my expanding belly:




One Reply to “Growing Puppy and Growing Belly Update: Week 18!!!”

  1. this is what i’ve been waiting for! there’s a bump there. woo! can’t wait to see you (and jd) in february when baby meatloaf (the name will never leave) starts pushing your belly out even more. miss you friend!

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