Dear Baby

Dear little baby Groves,

Yesterday was the first time I felt you move inside mommy’s tummy! At first I just thought it was gas, but when I put my hand where I felt movement, you kicked – or hit – or shook your booty hard enough for my fingers to feel the gentle pulse!!!! It was by far one of the most exhilarating moments we’ve shared together. Today, daddy felt you move too. Your little wiggles are just strong enough for the both of us to feel you dance. It is like a dream…

Now that I’ve stopped vomiting first thing in the morning, you and I are much better friends. As long as I get that morning meat, we tend to do just fine until the evening. We’re still working on that – but I’m confident we’ll move past it. I should also let you know now that even though you are getting lots of fast food in the form of 7 – layer burritos, spicy chicken sandwiches, and egg mc muffins – mom is normally not at all a fan of fast food… so don’t get used to it. It’s chicken, rice, and vegetables for you once you get teeth!

We went to Costco and picked up some diaper wipes for you yesterday. Great grandpa sent some money saying he thought it might help buy diapers, and while we knew grandpa didn’t mind what we spent the money on, we thought it would be wise to get ahead and buy some wipes. They are moistened with cucumber and aloe for your baby bottom comfort. Hope you like ’em…

Everyone is real anxious to meet you in 4+ months… you have lots of fans 😉 Oh, and if anyone calls you meatloaf… well, it’s because the first time we saw you – we thought you looked like a meatloaf – and sorta started calling you that for a while. Now that you move, we just call you “little baby.”

I better get going, it’s getting late and you are performing the “YMCA” in my belly right now. Can’t wait to see you on the ultrasound screen this Thursday!



p.s. – It is really really really weird to sign this letter “mommy.” I’ll get used to it someday I suppose…


One Reply to “Dear Baby”

  1. Such a sweet post. Those first movements are priceless (the last ones, at the end of pregnancy, not so much 🙂 ) Glad “little baby” isn’t making you too sick in the mornings 🙂

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