Our Hippie Birthing Class!!!

JD and I went to our first birthing class last night. The class is 12 weeks long, so even though it is a little early, it works well for us. We joined the class with our friends Daniel and Jill, who are expecting in April. By joining this class, JD and I easily slide into the stereotype of people who drive a 78′ VW bus, live without television, have tattoos and piercings, might prefer cloth diapers, recycle anything and everything that the recycle people will take, almost exclusively listen to classic rock, and own climbing gear in a state where there is little to no climbing. Yes, we’ve officially moved into hippie-dom by signing up for the Bradley Method birthing classes – or husband-coached natural birthing method.

We were planning to take Lamaze, but after a little research and self-examination, we opted to fork over a little extra cash and learn how to relax through hard labor. Right. In case you are wondering, my “birth plan” is to try my best to deliver this kid naturally, but if I’m dying, I have NO problem begging for that epidural. I will not consider myself a failure if I need the drugs, but am trying to avoid them if possible. Mostly because a drugged baby freaks me out and I have a weird competitive streak in me that says, “if women have been doing this since Eve, I can do it too!”

Once a week, JD and I learn new methods of relaxation. Last night I lay in the Resting Position (which is quite technical, I might add) and imagined standing underneath a warm waterfall with lush greenery surrounding the pond. The first place my mind went to was a waterfall in Tuolome Meadows, so I stuck with it. While I imagined the water flowing over every part of my body, JD stroked my hair, arms, back, and legs, affirming the water sensation on my skin. I wanted to hit the lady when she told us it was time to sit up. I’m not really sure if I’m going to be able to go to this special place when I’m experiencing heavy contractions, but as long as I get to have at least an hour a week of pure relaxation, I’m sold.

Just typing this makes me want to go to my special place… so I’m off to relax before hanging out with teenagers almost 24 hours straight this weekend. Peace.


One Reply to “Our Hippie Birthing Class!!!”

  1. LOL…literally!

    I too had the same “birth plan” as you. Pitossin was my enemy though…hopefully you won’t need it, but let me tell you that Justin would even slightly move his hand and I wanted to KILL him. If he would have even tried to stroke ANY part of me, he would have been a gonner. 🙂 I’ve heard it was the pitossin that made the contractions so INTENSE though…so I’m rooting for you 🙂

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