so ridiculously in love…

Warning: this may be too mushy for your liking. My apologies in advance.


We spent an hour getting ready. JD shaved his face with the razor that actually touches his skin and I blew dry my hair and styled it with a curling iron. My lashes were curled with the heated eyelash curler, and I put on a billowy white skirt to contrast the black long sleeved blouse. I picked out JD’s outfit for him and handed him the hair gel. While I continued getting ready, JD made me a grilled ham and cheese sandwich to tie me over for the hour long drive to Hale’iwa Joes.

I am learning that these are special date nights. The kind of nights that send me spinning back to our pre-married date nights when I still had nervous butterflies that fluttered in my stomach just moments before he knocked on the door to apartment 101.

Nerves are no longer a part of ‘date night’ in married land. Instead, a richer sensation settles in my soul to the tune of contentment, joy, and steadiness. Our date night last night occurred at the end of a day long cleaning marathon. These are the kinds of dates that happen in married life: clean the house together, get all glitzed up, and hit the town for an early dinner. Only to return at 9:15 pm instead of midnight.

My prayers lately have been that of gratitude and reflection. Conversations about marriage around me have allowed me to pause and reflect on our own marriage, a reflection that ends with a whispered prayer, “Thanks.”

We have a unique marriage for sure. Not only do we share the same bed, roll of toilet paper, toothpaste, and dishes, but we also share the same office space, vocational calling, and everything in between. Of course, this fits us well. From the very beginning of our relationship, we’ve done life together. We lived on floor one and floor three of the same apartment complex, shared classes of Chaucer and 17th century religious literature, worked at Starbucks together, developed workout routines on the same stretch of concrete, and served the youth at Bel Air Pres simultaneously (does this make you want to gag? – I promise we have good friends aside from each other). One might say God was preparing us for this life we live.

More and more I realize I wouldn’t change a thing in the world. The only thing stopping me from freaking out about the baby coming is knowing that JD will raise this child with me. Aside from my maternity leave, it’s gonna be baby, JD, and me all the time, doing life together as three…

… With a pack n’ play in our office, baby in sling during youth group, and an extensive list of high school babysitters in our back pocket.

p.s. – It helps that hormones have only contained us to one crazy lady pregnancy fight so far… the kind where ballistic lady meets frustrated, tired man and an intense battle ensues for half an hour until frustrated man sees the craziness in wife’s eyes and waits for her to calm down… which makes crazy lady even more upset until she finally digresses into his lap and sobs into shoulder saying, “I’m sorry I just went crazy.” Yup, just once so far. And we’re halfway there folks!!!


3 Replies to “so ridiculously in love…”

  1. That made me cry!!!! As much as marriage is exhausting, it is always comforting to know that you truly married your best friend and at any time you can crawl in your husband’s lap and cry. Thanks for the great strength and example of how to keep praying for your marriage and to be appreciative.

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