Belly Update: Week 19.5


I’ve popped! Still in pre-maternity clothes, however, despite the fact that this picture looks like I’ve stuck a basketball underneath my shirt. We’re headed into the 20th week of pregnancy – the halfway point – at the end of this week. Stay tuned as the belly is sure to grow at an outrageous speed in the coming months.


3 Replies to “Belly Update: Week 19.5”

  1. you look absolutely adorable!! not sure if you’ll have the same experience as me but…when you’re in the “in between” stage of clothes, it helps to wear a bellaband over your maternity pants…it keeps them up, but doesn’t suffocate you or your little one.:-) best advise i was given.

  2. Well, in keeping with the theme…so have I
    love ya,
    Pop 😉

    By the way I did not think it was possible for you to get any cuter! Well, I was wrong! Too Cute.

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