This keeps me ministering from the overflow of my heart…

“All I want to do is recapture what we used to live and breathe – we hold kids’ hands, we listen to their stories, we take them seriously, and somewhere along the way, we bring them to Jesus. That’s it. That’s youth ministry.”
– Mike Yaconelli


One Reply to “overflow”

  1. I have thought girl from the begining..because you are a girl, so you should have a girl. For some reason this makes perfect sense to me despite the problems of procreation that it presents…
    ah well.
    Also heres a fun blog tip: if you use profanity, you quadruple your hits!..just think what could happen if you say,.. tagged the F word? Probably google would call you personally that afternoon and beg you to let them advetise These are my dreams lately- and everyone is worried. Can’t wait to see you over an ice cream sandwich.

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