Happy Tuesday!

The beauty of the Monday day-off is that I never hate Mondays. And Tuesdays aren’t Mondays, ergo – I have the best work schedule in the world.

This Tuesday greets me with an assortment of situations:

  • I woke up this morning to sounds of JD puking down the hall, which most likely means he has the flu… which is terrible considering we leave to the mainland on Thursday to take 11 high school students to winter camp
  • I have come to the pointed realization that the baby HAS TO HAVE meat in the morning. Protein in the form of peanut butter or dairy just doesn’t cut it. I poured myself a bowl of corn flakes, enjoyed the crunchy flavor of flaked corn in my mouth, and then an hour later puked it back up – because this darn baby doesn’t allow me to hold down my breakfast unless it gets a strip of bacon or piece of sausage. I am carrying a carnivore in my womb, and frankly, I’m frightened.
  • I have the office to myself, which is both lonely and nice –  lonely because I’m used to JD sitting at his desk, nice because I get to have some extra time of solitude, prayer, and reading.
  • This is the week of growing up. JD and I have the responsibility of flying 11 students into LAX, driving them up to Big Bear Mountain for a half day of skiing, and then on to Forest Home where they will spend the weekend at camp. Super fun, but terrifying nonetheless
  • We have a new administrative pastor who is going to make life great here in the office
  • I’ve been having a girl vibe lately… For most the pregnancy I’ve been certain of baby boy Groves, but lately I see only in pink. This means I have no clue. So stay tuned as this active, carnivorous baby continues to develop.

And one more thing… I have now mastered the pregnancy waddle.


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