I love my job.

We took eleven students and three adults (including myself and JD) to the mainland for an extended weekend winter camp at Forest Home this past weekend. My nerves finally subsided after walking our students through the terminal in alphabetical order and we successfully picked up our rental car, grabbed donuts at Randy’s, and left LAX for Bear Mountain Resort and a half day of snowboarding/skiing. This trip was big for us for a few reasons:

  • First time taking students (any students) on a trip where we were in charge (well, aside from our jr. high overnight backpacking trip)
  • I’m preggo – which means my body is creating a person while simultaneously caring for 13 other people, traveling overseas on a red-eye flight, and attempting to be super responsible, fun, loving counselor/director
  • I’d like to reiterate the FIRST TIME piece to this seemingly giant undertaking
  • Unlike youth group, where we say goodnight at the end of the evening and head 50 feet to our cottage while students nestle in their own beds, JD and I had our marriage/job on display 24/7 for these teens…

Praise God the trip went like a dream. Honestly, our students were absolutely fantastic. No cliques, no lost luggage, no complaining, no defiance, NO DRAMA, no major injuries… JD and I kept pinching ourselves, asking, “is this really youth ministry? Are these really adolescents?” On top of our perfect teenagers, we took with us the ultimate parent/leader as a chaperon on whose head a halo should be placed on permanently. Craig is easygoing, passionate about our teens, a strong adult figure, a Godly man, and super fun… and as rookies to this whole directorship thing, JD and I needed such a person.

Much more to come… this is just an intro to our trip. Get ready for stories, quips, and a video of a pregnant lady performing hula in front of 650+ people…


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