coffee with the creator

It turns out a drive with Gloria the Bus is just what I needed this morning. I grumbled when I turned the ignition to our white neon, who we’ve affectionately names “Princess Squeak,” and found the gas tank on empty. We can’t fill her up until the 31st (blast these 31 day months – they really mess with our payroll!) due to miscalculations on my part that ended in some pretty hefty insufficient funds penalties. The bus it is, then.

After a few attempts at getting Gloria into reverse, I headed into Kailua town serenaded by the acoustic guitar strumming classic rock. My plan was to camp out at Morning Brew, a newly remodeled coffee shop in Kailua, and read for the morning. We keep a jar of coins on our counter, and this morning I fished out three dollars in quarters and dimes to cover my iced coffee and cranberry bran muffin. Thank you spare change.

I sit down in the comfy chairs upstairs and open my journal. “Good morning Abba,” I write on a fresh page. “I think this name fits for now.”

I’ve been on a journey with God lately. A journey into union and discovery. Part of this journey involves how I think of God in terms of metaphors and titles. More and more I find myself distracted by the male metaphors and pronouns we usually limit ourselves to when referring to God. It’s an intimacy issue – not a feminist issue. I won’t go much further into this topic for now – though I will refer you to this blog entry… a refreshing post about one man’s search in knowing his Creator.

I thumb through a few more pages of my Donald Miller book (To Own a Dragon) and pray silently as God meets me in this cushy chair. I am thankful our Creator loves us. Thankful for refreshment, for intimacy with Jesus, and for organic cranberry bran muffins.

Half an hour later I hop back into the bus, turn the radio up, and return to the cottage for a cleaning fest with JD before our friends RO and Mindy come to stay for a few days. I love living in Hawaii.



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