9-5 with students!

Most of our students have two weeks of spring break due to the year round public school system, which, for us means lots of fun hang out time with students. I would have liked to spend more time with students these two weeks but scheduling didn’t quite work out for me – or them. In order to make up for lost time, however, I spent the entire day hanging out with students. A teen marathon of sorts, if you will. My good friend Jill, who is also a jr. high leader and extremely pregnant (meaning, baby is engaged and about to pop out any second even though her belly is the same size as mine) met me for some cream soda on the beach in between student meetings, allowing me for some good adult conversation about giving birth to babies and our newest favorite recipes (mine are turkey meatloaf and spinach smoothies). A lady stopped us to ask if we were drinking beer on the beach, which is prohibited and warned us that we would get a ticket if our glass bottles were, in fact filled with beer. We looked at her for a second after reassuring her that we were drinking cream soda and Jill pointed to her belly – at which point the woman loudly exclaimed that she hadn’t noticed either one of our bulging third trimester bellies. No beer on the beach folks. It’s illegal – pregnant or not.

Today was a refreshing affirmation of the direction of our ministry here at Faith. We feel like the programmatic components to the student ministries are snuggly slipping into place and we are free to pursue relationships with students by dedicating the majority of our time to interacting with teens. Our new vision is to open our home for students once a week for dinner, allowing for table fellowship and fun while creating a safe environment for students who might otherwise not feel safe at home. We aren’t replacing home, of course, and will create necessary boundaries – but there is something to be said for allowing ministry to take place in the home setting. As baby comes, this will be a great outlet for ministry and an easy icebreaker for less comfortable students. Needless to say, this excites me to no end. Finally JD and I feel at home and excited about the ministry that is taking place here – and we still have a year to go before the expected time of establishing a solid youth ‘program’! That’s all for our church update for now 😉

By the way, can we just reiterate the fact that I have now entered my THIRD trimester? 12 weeks to go before baby is due… our teenagers keep saying to me that I am “SO HUGE!!!!” Gotta love the tact of adolescents 😉


One Reply to “9-5 with students!”

  1. First of all, I love your writing and have enjoyed your blog. I was having trouble finding contact information (email). I work at one of the largest Christian media companies and wanted to present an opportunity to you, being that you’re involved in youth ministry. Thanks so much!

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