Prego Notes

Some quick thoughts about being 7 months pregnant…

– The other day I stood straight up, put my feet together, and looked down. No feet. The belly has completely taken over and I can no longer see my feet. Weird.

– I can be entertained for hours by the movements in my belly. I find myself distracted during the Sunday sermon, while watching Friends episodes, and even one on one conversations by little feet, a booty, an elbow, or whatever else this kid has growing inside me.

– I’ve reached the ice cream craving phase

– I ate more than a high school boy at Taco Bell the other day. He was so impressed he told his parents about it. JD is quite proud of his wife – and the baby inside.

– For perhaps the first time in my life, I am actually preparing ahead of time for this upcoming event (JD too). We’ve got a crib, car seat, stroller, pack n play, baby wipes, infant bath tub, and a brand new savings account. If this were a major term paper, I’d have two sources by now.

– My husband says I can’t leave pocket knives wide open on the kitchen table any more. Nor can I leave the toilet lid open or sit on the kitchen table. Apparently these are things adults mustn’t do with little babies around….


4 Replies to “Prego Notes”

  1. If your child comes out of your belly fully able to sit on the kitchen table, climb into the toilet, or grab knives off of tables completely unaided – I think that you should let her/him, I mean that would be some sort of miracle-strong baby, so I say – sit on the kitchen table! (Ok, maybe even if able to you should not let the child grab knives off of the table…)

    … I am always in the ice cream craving phase. It’s sort of like the constant doughnut craving phase, or fried chicken craving phase, or potato chip craving phase, or hamburger craving phase, or… oooookk, so maybe it’s just an unhealthy sugar/salt/grease craving…”phase”.

    I am glad that the package made it so quickly! And I’m glad that you enjoyed the magic marker action. Wish I could have had delivered it… Christmas 2008 – getting closer every day.

    … longest comment ever…

  2. Brian says that I always have a reason to eat ice cream. “It’s Sunday, the last day of the weekend, I need ice cream!” or “It’s Thursday night, and I need ice cream to help me prepare to get through Friday, the hump that delays the weekend.” or “It’s Monday, and the weekend is over. I need ice cream.”

    So the way I see it, it is always appropriate to crave ice cream. Welcome to the club. 🙂

  3. Yay, I found your facebook AND your blog! That term paper comment was hilarious. As are your new interruptions during sunday sermons. I would label that a good distraction. =)

  4. julie – now i want a donut. like realllllly bad. i’ve been sick with cold/flu for a week and i can afford to have some donuts i think. and um, i wouldn’t be surprised if our child came out walking. i had a dream the other day the incredible hulk was my baby. i might blog about it.

    christie – ahhh i agree, the craving of ice cream is perhaps one of life’s great necessities. i will say, though, that while i used to have a strong affection for ice cream, it is only recently that i must have ice cream when craving hits. a must. not a hope or wish, but a must.

    emily – i like to think they are good distractions myself. not a bit of guilt when i find myself in a staring contest with my belly instead of focusing on the good words of the Lord. I think it’s a different form of worship perhaps…

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