confessions of the oh-so-pregnant blogger

I’ve felt the need to be real honest with all of you about the subject matter of my posts for the past several months and upcoming 2.5…

Let’s face it. This blog has become Preggo Blog.

I feel concerned that I might have lost all my male readers, with the exception of my husband, dad, dad n’ law, grandpas, and brother-in-law Kenn (who graciously bore witness to my first episode of lactating and chose not to freak out about the giant wet spot on my shirt – thanks Kenneth)… and if this is the case, please, dear readers, indulge my craziness just a while longer… until this blog becomes a baby blog.

I have actually been thinking/wrestling through some interesting thoughts and questions about the Kingdom of God, finances, and living radically. Most of my thought life/prayer life is consumed by these questions, but for some reason, I haven’t felt the desire to write about it yet. Stay tuned. perhaps.

Before I end this bizarre and very random post, I thought I would leave you with the two dreams I had last night:

1) Incredible Hulk Baby.

In the midst of my sleep, the baby began ‘throwing bows’ and karate kicking my belly something fierce. Moments later, the incredible hulk ripped open my stomach and crawled out, giving quite a tremendous roar. Apparently my baby is going to be green with massive muscles.

2) Premature baby refuses to crawl back in.

Again, the baby was going all ‘Jackie Chan’ on my uterus and it got quite unnerving for me. I decided it was time to take the baby out of my belly, and proceeded to somehow get the baby out without actually going into labor. The baby was only 30 weeks old so I decided it ought to be a temporary thing. After holding the squirmy bundle of baby for a few minutes, I tried to push it back in. Alas, the baby thought better and audibly told me “no, I won’t go back in.” Stunned, I took the baby to the hospital with its umbilical cord still in tact. I might add that the sex of the baby was unable to be determined when I checked.

I think I need to back to my sick bed… though I’m slightly afraid of what my sub-conscious will think of next. Adios Amigos


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