have i introduced you to my belly?

Hi, I’m Annie. I see you staring – have I introduced you to my belly? I haven’t? So rude of me, I do apologize. This is my belly. I call it “Torpedo Belly.” It currently houses an approximately 3.5-4 pound 18 inch baby. Yes, yes I know it takes up a lot of space – and is possibly invading yours. Am I due any second? No, not quite. I have two months of baking left to do. I see your eyes grow wide – I know you’re thinking I can’t possibly grow larger in the next two months. Have you seen my husband? He’s a giant. Better yet – you should see pictures of me as a newborn. All 8 lbs. 11 oz. of me. Oh, excuse me, my belly just moved. The beast child inside wants to shake hands, or perhaps show off its karate moves. I do apologize for the awkward introduction. Well, it was nice chatting. Have a good one! Oh, and don’t stare too long at the waddle away. I’m part duck.

32 weeks


3 Replies to “have i introduced you to my belly?”

  1. Annie, I was going to say you’re too funny – until I read your last post about the bidet… OMG! I can’t beleive you post this stuff in public! WAY too funny!

  2. Don’t feel too bad. Everyone thought that my sister-in-law was due to pop any day when she was … 4 MONTHS PREGNANT. Soooo… you actually look small in comparison. So you should feel great!
    The conversations were like, “Are you due really soon? Like this month?” and she would say, “Nooo… not for another 5 months…” and they would just get crazy big eyes and say, “oh.”

    Also, I don’t think that I could ever forget your Bidet story. Actually any time a bidet is mentioned, I think of you…

  3. Love your blog, found it from a friend of a friend of a friend. I’m totally intrigued by your ministry and location! My husband and I are bringing an middle school only event to HI next spring.

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