Cell Phone Bibles

The beginning of my talk at jr. high youth group last night went a little something like this:

Me: Alright guys, let’s turn our Bible to James chapter 2. Who has their Bibles?

Students shuffle around, a few open their Bibles.

Me: (in teasing voice – sort of) Come on you guys! You know we get into the Word each week. Bring your Bibles! I’m going to have to start bribing you and I don’t believe in bribing!!!! (pause) It really is important that you bring your Bibles.

Students look around, everywhere but at my face. One student insists that I start bribing with candy. Finally, someone speaks up.

Teen: “Does it count if I have my Bible on my cell phone?” Teen pulls out his cell phone and begins typing.

Me: (silently, under my breath) What the…. ?!?!?! A look of disbelief and shock comes over my face.

Leaders look around at each other in utter and complete amazement.

Later in the evening, we compare translations of a specific text. Cell phone teen raises his hand and announces that he has the King James version ready to go right on his phone…

A time is coming and in fact has come where the true worshipers will bring their Bibles to church via cell phone…


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