Thoughts on Month 8…

1. When a couple first finds out they’re pregnant, many people comment on the wisdom and grace of God for providing 9 months to prepare. Around month 8 we women are tempted to question said grace and wisdom.

2.The refrigerator walls and shelves have never been cleaner.

3. When taking a much needed bubble bath to soothe aching back muscles, it’s fun to put the bubbles on top of The Belly and pretend Mount Everest is growing in the bathtub. It’s even better if the husband catches you in the act without your knowing it.

4. Preparing ice cream sundaes is truly an art form.

5. Braxton Hicks contractions are supposed to be painless. I submit that this is completely crap. To quote Rachel from Friends, “No uterus, no opinion.”

6. Just when you think your belly can’t grow anymore – it does. And clothes that were saved for month nine suddenly don’t fit.

7. The expecting couple begins to wonder if the comfort of sleeping will ever return. The wife wonders if there are enough pillows in the world to make her comfortable. The husband wonders why the wife continually mistakes his body for a multitude of pillows and if he will ever reclaim a sufficient portion of the bed.

8. Bodysurfing in small waves is still possible at week 33. It is only slightly embarrassing to walk on the beach with a torpedo belly protruding between bathing suit top and bottom. At month 6 this was cute – now it’s just awkward.

9. Pets (i.e. – our puppy Rowdy) discover the belly and like to lick it as if it were a giant ice cream cone for dogs.

10. Trips to the bathroom begin to suffice for exercise, because sitting on the toilet without breaking the porcelain lid is just as tedious as squatting with weights.


6 Replies to “Thoughts on Month 8…”

  1. You are So hilarious and I LOVE reading your posts. You make my day and make me laugh. Someday I will know exactly what you are talking about and I will have to refer back to these posts for comfort and inspiration!
    Love you!
    P.S. JD, love the mohawk, you rock.

  2. Honestly, you crack me up! I must say that I do not envy you being in the last month or so of pregnancy. Toward the end, I just gave up hope of ever being comfy in bed. 1. I was too large to fit in a queen size bed with Justin and Poppy 2. It was impossible to climb back UP into bed the 5 times I got up to pee. So the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy were spent sleeping on the couch. And then….you’ll have a baby and you won’t even stop to think about those last months of pregnancy (until you read someone’s blog that is)

  3. Darcy – Thanks love!!! I had fun writing it – less fun experiencing it 🙂 Can’t wait til you have a bun in the oven so baby Groves can have a friend!
    Barbie – FOR REAL! I had a good cry this morning because I’m quite frankly tired of being pregnant. 6 weeks to go…
    Christie – I love the post you wrote about 8 month of marriage – just wonderful!
    Samantha – Haha thanks, yes – enjoy it all. Laughing through it helps tons.

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