more processing…

Intentional community. Rare in the U.S. – we like boundaries and privacy and ownership. Doing Kingdom work requires community. I see community experienced only so far in our culture… community over the dinner table, BBQs, coffee shops, small groups, etc. I like this community. It’s good. It accomplishes some great stuff – builds relationships. It’s fun, pretty safe, and guarantees a good meal. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

I also don’t see us taking it much further..

Sharing things – possessions. Not just to borrow, but to invest together. Living in close quarters with the intention of blessing our neighbors. Making food together and then sharing it. Washing each other’s dishes because we share resources. Using our gifts and talents to bless one another and the least of these.

Uncomfortable, unconventional, and unsafe. Major boundary issues. Usually only experienced in camp settings or radical groups programmed to function in such a way.

Something tells me it’s the Kingdom of God at hand. Something tells me that when I pray the Lord’s prayer every day, “Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done. On earth as it is in Heaven,” Jesus is teaching me me about poverty, and community, and redemption. Community being the key that unlocks Jesus’ power of redemption On Earth.

My friend Jess once told me she thought it would be awesome if we could get a house and live together some day. Our two families. At first I loved the idea, and then I got scared of the idea… what if we hate each other? What if our walls are soundproof? How will we share the kitchen?!?!? What about boundary issues!?

Yet as my heart and soul search for the Kingdom of God and I pray the Lord’s prayer, I find my heart changing and Jesus giving me an impression of community, revealing the safe nuances we have created in community to protect ourselves but in the big picture, hinder us from bearing much fruit.

I write this without answers, without a “plan…” but with careful conviction and prayerful seeking.

Stay tuned as JD and I both seek the Kingdom of God and explore God’s heart for community and the Church…


One Reply to “more processing…”

  1. Oh Annie, this is so where myself and Brian and our close friends have gotten too recently it’s scary! You should read my friend Sandy Flores’ most recent post about the very same thing(she’s on my blogroll and is the middle school and high school women’s pastor at our church…you would understand her well!). And Francis Chan spoke about that at the Orange Conference a few weeks ago. I think that people are starting to tip-toe up to the idea of living as an Acts 2 church, but are either scared it won’t work (like you said, “will we hate each other?”) or just don’t know how to begin. I personally have been trying to convince people to move into me and Brian’s apartment complex, and we can start it from there. haha. I am interested and excited to see where this all leads for all of us. Love you!

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