some might say we’ve arrived…

Last night one of our most faithful students (who comes early each week to work the soundbooth for worship) cracked his head open while playing the most intense game of capture the flag I’ve ever seen.

We played Capture the Flag as a two-hour “outreach” event (meaning, please invite your friends so we can meet your peers and let them know we’re not super weird) last night. And it rained the entire time. We had military folk come dressed in camouflage with their face/body paint (Oahu has tons of military), students sticking branches and leaves in their clothes, and flag guards laying on their bellies in the long grass awaiting the opposing team.

Oh and the rain…

Of course, in my mind, as the rain pours steadily for half an hour before the kids coming, I think only of the extra element of excitement that comes with dark, overcast cloudburst. I really, really, really love playing Capture the Flag – it was my all time favorite youth group game when I was in jr. high, and still is among many of our teens today. Rain? Bring it.

Except perhaps the rain makes the playing conditions a little less safe? Meaning, maybe there is the possibility of a student sliding on the grass to reach the flag while simultaneously being (accidentally) clotheslined by the flag guard and then hitting his head on a rock in the grass which might perhaps cause a good gash in the ole noggin that requires eight staples? Right. Rain will do that.

JD and I spent the next several hours asking ourselves over and over again if we should have canceled the game… but aside from the one incident, it didn’t look like students were out of control or unsafe. Luckily, the parents of the injured teen are awesome and responded really graciously as they picked up their sophomore son and took him to the emergency room. We visited the student today and brought him some Jamba Juice… he’s doing well. The staples in his head are impressive.


Thankfully, JD had a similar head injury before (did I just say ‘thankfully?’) and I’ve been first-aid/lifeguard certified so we were able to handle the injury correctly until his parents picked him up.

So there you have it. Our first injury as youth directors. Not gonna lie – I’m not a big fan of injuries happening under our watch. Doesn’t give you the warm and fuzzies inside…


2 Replies to “some might say we’ve arrived…”

  1. Aaah memories of buck buck and me being so excited to play this favorite game of my youth. Of course the first and most important instruction I gave was DON’T LOOK BACK. Well, do you remember Sarah looking back and of course getting a knee in her noggin? Oh yeah, the cuncsion that was heard for miles. Regretfully, I could never convince any of those kids to play buck buck agian. I hate to tell you it won’t be your last. I can think of three visits to the hospital for youth activities I planned. Oh yeah those were the days!

  2. With a background in personal injury litigation, as well as liability insurance, I cringe at the thought of managing such risks. Every part of me yells NO and processes the endless potential for tragedy.

    It’s embarrassing to admit it, but I’ve become stale in my young age. However, had I been there, I feel I could have put that aside, risen to the occasion, and fight to win at all costs (even if it meant clothes-lining someone).

    Let the good times roll!

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