A few requests…

Dear readers,

I normally don’t do this – but as I rapidly approach this due date (three weeks!), I have a few prayer requests if you think of me.

For the past three months I have battled a cold and the flu, consisting of fevers, vomit, PHLEGM, earaches, and fatigue. While I have endured these months fairly well, taking days off to rest here and there, it’s been pretty grueling, and it seems like I am just entering another sick spell. I had a fever on Tuesday, vomit/nausea on Wednesday, and a constant sore throat. Gack. Anyway, if you could please for a complete healing of my body – I know labor is going to be hard and I really hope to be in good health by the time the baby comes.

In addition to my health, I am also praying that I won’t have to be induced medically. Many first time babies come late, but it is standard medical procedure to induce women around a week after their due date or if contractions aren’t working hard enough. My doctor is very understanding and supportive of our desire to have a natural childbirth, but we are certainly a rare breed now days :). It becomes increasingly difficult to have a natural childbirth once medical induction takes place, though certainly possible! My mom, who is just about the toughest cookie I know, had to be induced after passing kidney stones and still managed a drugless birth to an 8 lb 11oz. chubby baby – because I think when she was born God gave her an injection of Wonder Woman awesomeness or something.

JD and I are really excited to experience a natural childbirth and have been practicing all kinds of exercises and relaxation techniques. My mom had two natural childbirths and my mother-in-law birthed four of her five babies at home, all with a midwife (I think she hides a cape in her closet). Neither mom has placed any sort of pressure on us to go about a natural birth, but both have certainly inspired our decision.

All that to say, we’re prepared to go about it naturally but won’t feel horribly disappointed if for some reason I begin begging for an epidural 😉 If you feel like praying for us as the baby can arrive anytime between now and a week or so after the due date, we greatly appreciate it!



3 Replies to “A few requests…”

  1. I found you guys through Ashlee Stroud’s blog and have been a faithful reader ever since! I will definitely have you guys in my prayers and have been really inspired by reading about your journey, your faith, and your desire to follow after Him. God bless.

  2. I will pray for you, too.

    Have you checked into anything herbal you might be able to take? or vitamin C? I know that some people are worried about moms taking too much vita C during pregnancy and then their babies getting scurvy, but one thing I read said that if the babies are gradually weaned off of vitamin C (I suppose there are oral drops they can be given), then they wouldn’t get scurvy. I swear by vitamin C for this type of complaint, but have never taken it like that while pregnant. It may be worth looking into, however.

    I’ve given birth twice at home, and I’m no “wonder woman.” 🙂 It’s just the way God made us — able to birth our babies! I’ll be nosy and suggest that you ask your doctor the reason he wants to induce you — the medical reason, not just “oh, well, you’re at your due date,” because that’s not a medical reason. It’s one thing if you or your baby will be better off if the pregnancy is ended prematurely (that is, before you go into labor naturally), but it’s quite something else if it’s “just because that’s what we do.” First-time moms have notoriously high rates of failed inductions (which then necessitate C-sections most of the time; although they can stop the induction and try again as long as the water hasn’t been broken). Make sure you get your “Bishops score,” which is an indication of how likely an induction is going to work (based on how dilated and effaced you are, along with several other factors). If you’re fine and the baby is fine, then (rhetorically speaking) why induce?

    Ok, stepping off of my natural-birthing soap box now. 🙂


  3. Anne,
    I have been reading your writings for a long time but have never left a message. I want you to know that I will be praying for a healthy, cold free and quick delivery. This has been such a special time for your mom and I as we have been able to share the excitement of becoming grandma’s for the first time. Your mom is so excited to be flying out and participating in the birth of the new “love of her life”. We have promised to text each other as soon as the festivities begin! Remember that you can do all things through christ who gives you strength, including labor. 🙂 We will be praying and are so excited for you and JD.
    God’s Blessing

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