Our Adventure Baby

Dear little baby Groves,

Well, dear little one, it is almost time for your arrival into this world. You are due in just over three weeks and I’m not going to lie, if you choose to come early, I won’t be mad in the least bit! I honestly don’t know how much larger you can grow without making mom’s stomach explode. Even dad marvels at the size you’ve grown my tummy, and dad doesn’t get impressed by size easily (you’ll know why when you meet him). Anyhow, as we near the end of this journey sharing a body together and whatnot, I’ve spent some time reflecting on the past nine months and I’ve decided that you – our dear little (or massive) baby – have experienced several adventures while in the womb.

Let’s revisit a few…

The First Three Months: I didn’t change much about my lifestyle, though working out became a luxury as each day was spent in perpetual nausea. When we weren’t throwing up together, I learned how to bodysurf. Not Cailfornia bodysurfing, but Hawaiian bodysurfing. The way dad and uncle Patrick surf. Auntie Julie knows this is a big deal because mom was once petrified of waves… Anyhow, we took one particularly killer wave at Makapu’u, which made me quite proud. Auntie Katie Hat was even there to witness the event. Aside from bodysurfing, you and I struggled to learn how to surf on a board…

Month Three: We had our first legitimate wipeout. I underestimated a sneak-set and flew off the surfboard headfirst, did a somersault  underwater, and proceeded to get tossed by the next wave as well. We got out of the water at this point.

Month Four: We did it! While surfing with Tia Monica (she’s your only blood aunt so she gets a special title – and she’s super cool) and the rest of your uncles (including Uncles Andy, Mike, and Josiah), we finally managed to ride a wave standing up. Unfortunately, this was the last opportunity for surfing as you hit a growth spurt and made it quite uncomfortable to lay on a surfboard.

Month Five: A few things – 1) We went snow skiing! Don’t worry, I was gentle on the slopes… 2) We danced hula in front of 600 high school students at winter camp. Haole hula my dear one… and we tied for first place! 3) We hiked the pill boxes for the last time during pregnancy.

Month Six: I am afraid to admit this over the internet, but it’s true… we went snow skiing again. On a trip to the mainland, Aubi took your dad and I, as well as Uncles Kevin and Perry to the slopes. Aubi was supportive (she’s tough like that) and I felt confident – so we went for it. You and I had a great time, skiing easily down beginner and intermediate slopes. The highlight was watching dad eat it. He had to ski because the snowboards were all in use, and let me tell you, dad turned into a giant snowball with skis and poles sticking out every which way, just like a cartoon!

Month 7: I still swim the 1/2 mile out to Flat Island and back with ease. You must be a water baby…

Month 8: You and I learn the art of “taking off” while bodysurfing. Dad and I frequently go to Kalamas and spend an hour or so riding the waves together. Dad continues to teach me techniques of bodysurfing.

Month 9: I hops on Uncle Patrick’s girlfriend’s scooter and ride around the church parking lot several times while squealing under my breath “Eagle!!!!” (Scrubs reference).

Alright kiddo, the last thing we have to accomplish together whilst co-living in this body is birth. So what do you say you make this easy on me and come out like a little trooper? Maybe you can pretend you are on a water slide or riding a wave and just shoot right out of me… sound good? I thought so.

See you soon,

da mama


One Reply to “Our Adventure Baby”

  1. dont forget about how being pregnant has made you a ball of sickness. Seriously it seems like these last three months we have passed a clod back and forth. And also don’t forget about how this little kid increased your appetite and made you want to eat way more meat and cheese.

    thanks for these adventures, and for making them happen by carrying this kid.

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