Peace and Induction

Still battling the tail end of a cold and waiting for little baby Groves arrival, I’ve come to an unexpected place of peace. It’s a peace I have to work at, continually fighting my human instinct to control, please people, plan perfectly, and be impatient. I offer my anxiety to the Lord constantly, learning to trust and release the things I hold on to so dearly.

Though baby Groves is late, and much later than expected (I really thought this baby would come quite early), I’ve come to enjoy these last few weeks. The other night, as I was praying, I took off my blinders, looking at the beauty of this time rather than the focused pressure of “is this the day?” I wouldn’t trade these past few weeks with my husband for the world. We’ve had such an incredible time of growth together, strengthening one another in the Lord and making the most of these last few days before the baby’s arrival. Time with mom has been wonderful as well. From pedicures and shopping trips to giggle fests on the bed, it has been such a blessing to have mom here.

I’ve learned to consider each day a gift of God’s rather than a date on the calendar that just may be the date of our baby’s birth.

Our doctor’s appointment went well today. I am still dilated 2 centimeters, which is slightly disappointing, but the conversation about induction was great. We decided to wait until Monday to induce, though we will go in on Saturday for a stress test to ensure little baby Groves is healthy and well. My prayer is that the baby would come before Saturday, but I am at peace regardless of the day.

So ready or not – a baby is on the way by Monday!

Now if only I could kick this cold in the butt…


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