Adventures in Town…

I’ve managed a few small outings since Elianna’s birth. We’ve traveled into Kailua town for (decaf) espresso shakes, dr. appointments, breakfast, and a quick jaunt to youth group on the beach. After two weeks, and three or four days of beginning to feel “normal” (note – beginning), I decided it was time for the big showdown – a trip into TOWN.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the island, “Town” refers to Honolulu and the surrounding urban area, while “Country” refers to the more rural parts of the island – mostly areas that are not “Town.”

We waited until Elianna was finished with her 10:00 feeding, and then packed up for Ala Moana mall, which is a gorgeous mall with plenty of lounge areas for nursing. One of the families in our youth group gave me a super generous gift certificate to Macys so that I could by some non-maternity clothes while I wait for my pre-pregnancy body to return (although I’m not sure it will… those hips had to spread!!!). Since none of my non-maternity shorts fit me, I was determined to find some cute shorts/skirts to wear in the interim!

Back to Ellie…

We nurse our usual 40 minutes and hop into the car. Elianna sleeps over the Pali Hwy and into town. She loves this car business! After parking, I decide it’s time for a treat so mommom, pops, and I head to Starbucks for an iced chai latte. All that walking and driving you see. Takes it right out of me! After a little rest, we head to Macys. Pops goes to stores of his liking while mommom and I stroll a sleeping Ellie up to the gal’s clothing.

And then the crying begins.

We check her diaper – clean and dry. We pick her up and cuddle (she’s a sucker for cuddling) – not working. I ask mom to check the time… yup. Sure is 1:00 pm and time for her next feeding. We head into the ladies room and the fancy lounge to nurse for 40 minutes. Mind you, she is actually eating for 40 minutes… this does not include the burping and diapering that often accompanies the feeding. Shortly after 2:00 pm we leave the ladie’s lounge with a very content Ellie. Mom and I head to the ladie’s department for a quick try-on and purchase. Elianna wakes up and cries her little heart out while I speed try on one piece of clothing. Mommom takes her and walks around the store while I make my purchase. We check her diaper – yup, poo #2 of the outing. Mom and I head out of the store to change her once again. Elianna stops crying for about ten minutes, when she decides to poop again. Diaper change #3.

Pops finds us again and we quickly make our way to the other two places we’d hope to go (Janie & Jack, and Barnes & Noble to pick up youth ministry books). While we browse through the outrageously cute baby clothes that Ellie doesn’t need, I begin leaking out of my bra on a gray shirt. Time to go. The world does not need to see giant wet boob. I rush to find the books for the evening’s youth event (not easy with a crying infant in a stroller) and Pops gets the car. He parks illegally for a moment and we cram stroller, car seat, and shopping bags into the car… hoping to head back in time to change for a senior graduation dinner at Buca di Beppos. It’s 3:20, and we are supposed to leave our house around 4 pm (30 minute drive)…

And then I get us lost.

Downtown Honolulu is no piece of cake. The streets are not cookie-cutter LA streets, and because I usually do the passengering, I forgot how to get onto the Pali.

We rush back home, after heading the wrong way on the freeway for a while, and Ellie needs to nurse again.

At 5 we reach the restaurant. The rest of party, situated in the Pope’s room, had been there for half an hour. And this is life with a baby… Elianna did mostly ok at the dinner, with a few poops and some good ole’ infant hollering that everyone at Buca got to enjoy.

The greatest thing in the world about our adventures?

Ellie slept for 7 hours. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


7 Replies to “Adventures in Town…”

  1. Sounds like great fun! 😉 She will not be a newborn for long, which is bitter-sweet, so enjoy all those crazy-feeling emotional moments. I remember how it was with my first daughter (who is almost 4).

    By the way, I’m in labor right now, praise the Lord. I am writing this between contractions. I am just dilated to a 3 right now, though. My midwife inserted a folie balloon thing inside my cervix to help it dilate. We’ll see if it continues to work.

    It is neat that I can visualize where you live. My hubby had some work to do in Honolulu about 3 years ago, so we spent 3 weeks on your island. It was great!!!! How long have you lived there?

    I’d better go, but I’ll let you know when I’ve got a baby! 😉

  2. This reminds me of my friend Erica who had a baby boy a year ago…babies poop SO MUCH!!! And just when you think you’ve gotten them clean and cute and ready to go…they explode up and out the diaper and onto the 3rd outfit of the day. haha. Now I understand why moms have a tough time getting anywhere on time! Love you.

  3. Oopsie, I was logged in as Brian, but this is really Christie. You know how it is when you share a computer 🙂

  4. This is my story, again! Only I was in Old Navy alone, nursing in the changing room, waiting for the shoplifting police to drag me out!
    Don’t think I even bought anything, though.;)

  5. You’re little one is adorable. Brent and I just spent a week with his parents…I am in love with the Janie & Jack store. Everything in there is just too cute. (expensive, but cute!) AND they have a Gymboree store at Waikele outlets. When are you thinking of flying Ellie to the Mainland? Gracie was 13 months when we took her. It’s definitely a challenge. 🙂

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