Ellie and Ava’s first play date!!!

My good friend Jill and I were pregnant together, just ten weeks apart in pregnancy land! With Elianna’s late arrival, Ava and Ellie are 11 weeks apart. This morning Jill and Ava came over for some much needed girl time and little baby play time!!!

What?! Another baby? My oh my!

Sweet Ava with her big blue eyes!!! Going on 14 weeks!

Can I hold your hand?

Look at my long arms!!!!

Shortly after this little photo shoot, I put Ellie on her stomach to see what she would do – and sure enough – she rolled over! Then I thought I might try video-taping it, so I put her back on her stomach, and she rolled over again – this time with tears and grunting because silly mom didn’t think about the fact that rolling over twice in a row for a three week old is like a 23 year old running a marathon! Mom paid dearly for it for about 15 minutes while a very over tired Ellie fell asleep. Anyhow, I’d show the video but you might report me. Some other day… 😉


5 Replies to “Ellie and Ava’s first play date!!!”

  1. Wow, I didn’t realize how dark Ellie was until I saw her next to a “white” baby…all her friends will be so jealous of her complexion when she gets into high school!

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