Uh hi, excuse the out-of-control stroller…

Elianna and I went on our first outing with just the two of us today! We’ve had lots of practice with mommom, dad, and Jess, but today was our maiden voyage as mom and daughter. I planned a fairly simple outing to return some clothes at Macy’s, coffee at Morning Brew, and a quick trip to Longs for some hair rubber bands. All doable with the stroller, since each store is in walking distance from the other.

The trip itself was fairly uneventful, because Ellie is fantastic in her carseat and she slept most of the time. Today, however, I decided that moms should be given four extra hands, giant bicep muscles, and a huge sandwich board sign that says, “I know you see me, can you please open that door?”

I finished nursing Ellie, put her in the carseat, and that’s when it hit me

What do I do with this baby while I load the stroller, diaper bag, bag of clothes to return, put in the carseat base, AND take Rowdy out before we go? ALL BY MYSELF?!

Do I leave her in the house? But I’m not supposed to leave her unattended! THE CARSEAT SAYS SO, right next to the yellow triangle! Do I take her outside? But I have multiple trips to make! For crying out loud what does the book say?!

I finally took Ellie outside on the grass while I loaded the rest of the stuff. She screamed the entire time. And I’m fairly certain it looked like child abuse to all the church staff who parks in the parking lot next to our cottage. I ran in to take Rowdy out, and then felt so bad for leaving my crying baby in her carseat on the lawn that I picked up the caarseat, dragged Rowdy with the other hand, set her down inside the house, and then picked her up again for the next trip.

After picking up the stroller that doesn’t lock and putting it in our trunk, we were finally ready to go. Thankfully, Ellie stopped screaming the second I turned the ignition key and managed to snuggle with her blanket the rest of the outing.

You would think, since Elianna slept the entire time, that the outing would be completely uneventful. Oh no. Because you see, now I can’t go up stairs or down curbs with the stroller. Confident moms do this. I do not. If I make my stroller go down five inch stairs my baby’s head might fall off!!! I walked out of three different exits in Macy’s to find the exit with the ramp. This means I went in and out with the giant stroller multiple times while the store clerks stared at me like the crazy lady I am. A little help perhaps? No? Just blank stares? OK. Walking across the street was no picnic either, because even though the car was 300 yards away from the crosswalk and driving 15 miles an hour, I was just certain that we would be the next statistic of pedestrian injuries in HI.

Once in the coffee house, I finally sat down to relax with my decaf espresso shake. After, of course, attempting to maneuver the stroller around the chairs and apologizing to the man I almost ran into, “uh sorry sir, I’m really new at this.” I forgot to bring my book and journal in the midst of the screaming baby on the lawn fiasco, so instead, I just sat and stared. At nothing in particular. Just the wall. Me and the wall. Making at eyes at each other. Ellie slept and I stared.

And then I came to a very important realization, one that I refused to admit for several days.

I’m soooooo tired!!!!!!!!

I was so jealous of Ellie I wanted to climb in her stroller with her and bury my head in her soft cheeks and snuggly blanket.

The end. We went home after that. And did not sleep. Because Ellie was done sleeping.


9 Replies to “Uh hi, excuse the out-of-control stroller…”

  1. Ok this my dear… FANTASTIC. Even after hearing you explain this to me prior to reading this post, I believe it is my favorite post yet. Classic. Mental picture of screaming baby on lawn across from church office, mental picture with you and the stroller maneuvering, or lack of maneuvering in Macy’s (which to be honest, is not far fetched imagery, as I lived through high school with you and a big truck)… and oh girl, I have seen that mom in a coffee shop before, just sitting and staring. All very inspiring darlin’

  2. the warning on the carseat that says not to leave the baby unattended reminds me of silly things like the box that has the warning “do not turn this box upside down”…on the bottom of the box. i guess the baby books don’t tell you everything! you are already such a strong woman, annie, and i can see you putting on an entirely new kind of strength in this – being a mommy. praying for you!

  3. Annie, this post was such a blessing to me! It made me grin. A lot. I feel like I can relate to this because I do similar things even without a baby . . . usually they involve my total lack of intuition while driving though.
    Praying for you three and love lots!

  4. pops – I feel it in my soul. Just waiting for the divine inspiration 😉
    cait – ever my encourager. wish you could be here…
    erika – feeling like my body is adapting to the disjointed sleep pattern 😉
    christie – books schmooks. jk! for real, so much of this is praying through intuition and trusting God and then receiving grace in the “oops” moments!
    emme – ahhh yes, the special quirks God gives us. i think writers/artists get extra special kinds of quirks just so they can share it with the rest of the world, giving little nuggets of peace that let everyone know “it’s ok to be a bit crazy sometimes.”

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