Ellie’s lil Explosion

Ellie and I had a little playtime and I tried to catch her giggle, but alas – she was over it. Apparently, she was working on a little something extra… Watch the whole video and listen closely at the end to find out what I’m talking about 🙂

I’ll give you a hint: it precedes a blowout diaper change that sent her straight to the bath!


3 Replies to “Ellie’s lil Explosion”

  1. HAHA! That’s my girl 🙂
    She is so cute. I laughed hard at that one. She must get that from her daddy 🙂

    Love you guys and can’t wait to see you in less than a week! Yeah! LOVE YOU!

  2. LOL! At least the diaper was on this time 😉

    She’s so cute and I’m enjoying all of your blogs…

    I had a “spirited” baby, so I can totally relate to the crying peak post! Although, I think Aubrey’s really got started around 6 weeks 😉 Before she was one, she was always great on planes. I’m sure Ellie will enjoy the snuggle time on your lap.

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