Where Lucifer went to College…

Warning: This post contains extreme (obnoxious, really) Bruin pride, pigeonholing, and major hatorade against “that school across town.”

This morning JD and I took a trip to the North Shore to plan student ministries for the next 6-9 months. I am technically still on maternity leave until September, but we pretended this wasn’t the case today. We had a wonderful day in the coffee shop in Hale’iwa; it was so nice to work together again. Ellie came too, of course, and took turns sleeping in the sling and baby carrier. She did great after a seven hour sleep stretch the night before (thanks to Auntie Jess and Grams!)!! AnyWHO….

It takes an hour to drive to North Shore. Jack Johnson serenaded our drive and I zoned out for awhile. Until, that is, THE question came to mind.

“JD! What happens if our daughter wants to go to USC?”

Without a second of hesitation, JD responds, “She won’t.”


JD looks at me, “come on honey, look at who her parents are.”

“Oh yes,” I begin to nod slowly, “we are going to raise her to hate USC.”


“But JD, what if she gets a scholarship there?”

JD looks at me again, and with much passion, assures me that there is no possible way that USC would be the only college to offer her a scholarship. I’ll spare you the many reasons why this wouldn’t be the case, but coming from someone who received an athletic scholarship to UCLA, I took his word for it.

“But JD, what if she wants to enter into a specific program with a specific plan in mind?”

JD has a twinkle in his eye and responds, “honey, those people are weird. She won’t be like that. Besides, it’s not like USC would be the only school to have whatever program she might want.”

“I think we are pigeon holing her…”

“You know,” says JD, “We’re open minded about a lot of things. But not this.”

<all said in good humor of course. but also said in absolute seriousness…. 😉 >

I digress MOMENTARILY to show you some pics of Ellie and daddy eating lunch, before we get to the juicy stuff!

she’s getting big… and losing her hair!

“daddy! you’re sticking your tongue out at me!!!”

After planning NINE months of student ministry (wooohooo), we headed home to feed high school boys some dinner. And there was a conversation that went like this:

“Ellie is going to be a farting escape artist,” one of the boys says after a lengthy discussion of the blowout poop she had earlier and in reference to her incredible capabilities of getting out of the tightest swaddle.

“She can be in the circus!” comments another boy.

A third boy pipes in, “well, maybe she will want to go to college.”

“Yes, maybe so.” I interject, before the boys come up with some other crazy career for our baby girl. “She can go to any college she wants. Except USC.” JD and I laugh and agree, bantering back and forth about our ridiculous school pride.

“Wait, what’s wrong with USC?” asks one of the guys.

“It’s where satan went to college.” is JD’s response.

One of the boys gasps, surprised that their youth director would say such a thing.

I, being the peacemaker, immediately explain that USC is our crosstown rival… because misunderstandings happen often when students are involved.

“And satan went to college there, before he tried to overthrow Heaven.” JD is getting a kick out of this discussion.

“What did he get his degree in?” asks one of the boys. “family life?”

“I think it was actually philosophy or something like that.” JD says.

“No, I bet it was business,” another boy says, “oh wait, no, it was politics!”

“Wait, I would believe you if you said satan’s human minions went there, but I don’t believe that satan actually went there,” says the future theologian freshman.

“No, it’s true. Satan went there,” JD persists.

End of discussion. I’m pretty sure we’re going to get fired. 😉

We did go on to talk about Dallas Willard being the head of philosophy at USC and how we have major respect for him AND if any students wanted to attend USC we would fully support them…


4 Replies to “Where Lucifer went to College…”

  1. I’m sorry but I have to get mushy here. The above conversation is so Annie and JD’s response is so JD! I enjoyed this conversation as if I was in the car with you or sitting at the table with the boys! You two are so blessed to have each other and I am sure that God had a great time in heaven watching your lives unfold. Thanks for letting us be a “fly on the wall” and Ellie…oh man the stories you will tell about your crazy Momma and Daddy!

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