9-5 are the hours most people punch in and out of the time clock. But 9 pm to 5 am is considered sleeping through the night in baby land!!!! Yes, she finally made an 8 hour stretch through the night. Of course, this was a very painful milestone for mom (da mamas know what I mean), but hey she slept EIGHT HOURS!!!! What’s a little engorgement?

We are in Oregon for JD’s best friend’s wedding, as well as the big introduction of Elianna to her Oregon family! Grandad and the tios dote over her, and she meets her tia Monica tonight! Ellie’s so excited she just pooped her pants! 😉 She did well on the plane, just cried three times for about ten minutes each time. For a five hour flight, we were pleased!

Here are a few fun pics of our trip thus far:

daddy gives Ellie besos

family portrait

auntie Darcy holds a crying Elianna… gotta make sure we capture the crying peak right?!


One Reply to “9-5”

  1. this is great and all..but im getting very jealous of all the people getting to meet her before me. 😦 oh and btw..i have turned your house into a disaster zone. no worries 🙂

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