My MeMe…

Clayton tagged me for a meme and I’m soooo excited to tell mommy’s readers all about ME at seven weeks old! I’m getting so big and chubby and wonderful!!! So sit back, grab a glass of milk (too bad you can’t have mom’s, it’s THE BEST!), wrap up in a blanket, and learn about the world of Elianna Joy Groves…

10 Things about ME!

1) My name is Elianna Joy Groves. My first name is Hebrew for “God has answered me.” Mommy and daddy have all sorts of special reasons for naming me this name. They chose to spell my name with two n’s because momom’s middle name is “Ann,” mommy’s name is “Anne,” and well, why not keep up the tradition of “ann”!?

2) I currently weigh 12 lbs. and am 22 inches long. Apparently I have no problem growing!

our most recent family photo!

3) My new favorite thing to do is lean against mommy or daddy’s chest in a squat position, and then stand straight up!!!! Mommy and daddy keep telling me I have explosive legs (I get that from daddy)!

4) I also have an explosive butt (again, from daddy). My plan is to create the biggest blow-out diaper EVER by waiting a couple days to poop and then BAM!!! Poop everywhere!!! Mom was concerned for a bit, but according to “the books,” this is normal. I’m right on track! I do this just so I can have a bath, which I have finally begun to LOVE! I like to splash my legs in the water. Mom says I can be a swimmer if I want to. Speaking of gas, I have a lot of it. I only cry if I am super tired or have super bad gas. Mom and dad have to make sure they burp me really well or it’s Screamsville for them!

5) The three ingredients for a successful nap in my crib are:

My binkie, the fan, and a good swaddle!!! Of the three, I must ABSOLUTELY be swaddled. I was so very cozy in mommy’s tummy that I just love being all wrapped up like a mummy.

The only way I sleep without a swaddle is on my tummy. Of course, it’s really hot in Hawaii so we have to make sure the fan is on. Otherwise my heat rash comes back. I will also sleep in the car and at the beach. If mom and dad are desperate for me to get a great nap, they just drive me to the beach and park me in my car seat while mommy and daddy take turns in the ocean. I’ll sleep forever! Just you watch!

6) I look just like my mommy:

mommy when she was a little bit older than me!
don't I look just like mommy?
don't I look just like mommy?
my dadd when he was a baby!
my daddy when he was a baby!

but I’ve got daddy’s eyes (well, with mom’s eye color) and hair! Mommy tells me the first thing she thought when she saw me come into the world was “she looks just like me!” It’s true. We’ve both got the cheek thing going on!

7) I love to look!!! I am very observant and will focus on just about anything. I love my mobiles, my frog friend on my car seat, and the “jungle” gym!

Of course, I mostly like focusing on mommy and daddy’s face.

8) I am super social. If I’m with a crowd of people I want to be held so that I can see EVERYTHING. I will smile and laugh at anyone who smiles at me. Even at 7 weeks I am very much a people person.

me with tio Kenneth at a wedding! We had so much fun!
me with tio Kenneth at a wedding! We had so much fun!

9) I am very passionate. I know what I like and what I dislike, and I’ll let you know either way. If you focus on my cues really well, we’re all set to go. Yawn three times and it’s time for bed. If I keep opening my mouth and putting my hands on my face, I’m hungry. Mom and dad know what to look for, and as long as they respond quickly, I’m the happiest baby on the planet! But miss them, and it’s Ms. Grumpus to you!

10) I live in Hawaii, which is AWESOME, but it’s really far away. We have to hop on a plane to see family, and in fact, I have already been on a plane! I slept the whole way back – it was pretty great. By the time I turn one years old, I will have traveled on an airplane four times! Wowza! Hey speaking of family, I have four uncles and one tia! They’re pretty crazy about me. I love it!

Now I want you to learn about my friends! I tag Anuhea and Ava who were all born this spring/summer just like me!


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