One More Week…

Until Elianna and I transfer our homebodies to office bodies!

My maternity leave ends when Elianna turns nine weeks old, and I’m getting pretty dang excited!

The arrangement? Ellie comes to work with us 🙂 We have a pack n’ play and everything!

Hooray for co-nurturing!!!


3 Replies to “One More Week…”

  1. You are so lucky to have an arrangement to bring her to work with you. See how excited you are, if only all new mothers could feel so great about going to work after having their babies. More companies need to be aware that it can work. I wish you guys all the best being office bodies!

  2. I cannot believe how beautiful she is. She has wonderful coloring and such pretty eyes. I miss you guys so much and hope to see you soon. Maybe over thanksgiving or Christmas break. I love reading and keeping up with you.

  3. Just want you to know, I read your blog regularly – so I feel very “kept up” on your life. Thank you for all you write. It feels good to be “connected”. Blessings to you and your young family.

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