Remember this next time…

When introducing a baby to the bottle and she takes it right away, do not go a few weeks without giving her the bottle! She will forget how to take it, and all will be miserable while re-introducing it (especially poor daddy). Furthermore, if the baby does re-take the bottle after a ton of prodding, don’t confuse her by switching to a completely different bottle the next day!

Even if it looks like a boob.

Come on Groves!


3 Replies to “Remember this next time…”

  1. Think of it as an aha! Moment. A moment of discovery…as in:aha I understand now! The only problem is, as a parent, the more aha moments you have, each “moment” adds an “a” to the front of the “Aha” moment and the final letter “a” becomes silent. Thus, they become an exhasperating “aaaaaha moment”

  2. My sister just returned to work and I watch my 7 month old niece. She was NOT a fan of the bottle for the first couple of weeks. Thank GOD she was eating some food too. Now she’s in the groove. Aubrey wasn’t a big fan either.

    I’ve already pledged to start my next baby at birth. I think I’ll do 1 bottle everyother day.

  3. AND…if she takes to the bottle right away, and you give it to her for several days (because Mommy is somewhere else) don’t be surprised if she doesn’t want the breast any more. Babies are SO fickle sometimes!

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