Juggling Act

Perhaps I live in a circus? I’m not sure.

Here is a glimpse into my brain at any given moment throughout the day:

Is her diaper dirty? She needs at least fort five more minutes of rest. When is her next feeding? Where did her pacifier go? Can I get out of the house for an hour or so to work at a coffee shop? No? Well maybe tomorrow. Is that her stirring? Is she going to wake up? Oh God please let her sleep longer. What emails am I supposed to send to parents today? I need to write my lesson. The website needs updating. But what if she wakes up? What time should I put her to bed tonight to ensure maximum amount of sleep for us? I really need to read my Bible. And pray. Dear Lord… what time is it? Time to meet with our intern. OK, Ellie is in her crib and she should sleep for another half hour or so before it’s time to eat again…

I love love LOVE our situation, but I have to admit – being a mom and working full time, simultaneously, is hard. It just is. I’ll adjust, she’ll adjust, he’ll adjust, we’ll all adjust… but some days, we don’t adjust so well. Today was one of those days. Thankful for moms and friends who call out of the blue… Praying for focus, seeking grace, taking deep breaths, living well. Ahhh our new normal…


2 Replies to “Juggling Act”

  1. Annie,
    Motherhood is super overwhelming. There will always be days like yesterday, but thank God there will also always be friends and fellow moms there to help you through it. Thanks for all your encouragement. I’m praying for you. Call anytime…

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