Life right now.

Ahhh Tuesday morning greets me with nine hours rest and an early family walk with JD, Elianna, and Rowdy. Life is starting to make sense again as I round into my fourth week back at work. You might have sensed from my last post that working full time while simultaneously working the mom stunt is a bit of a challenge. However, I wouldn’t trade it for the world and have decided to make some very practical changes in my life in order to create a sense of structure and order in our family. I always operate best when my plate is full, yet balanced. My grades were better when I was in school, I manage to exercise on a regular basis, I eat healthier, and I am more diligent about spending time with God. My plate is now full… and for about four or five weeks I felt like my head was going to fall off and roll to the floor with a giant thud, ending life as I know it now.

My brain screamed for discipline, my body grew weary, and my heart felt alone and lost. Aaah husband to the rescue! He suggested I email a couple of friends whose discipline I admire and ask them for accountabiity and encouragement in the “help my life is chaotic area.” Two friends instantly came to mind – one being my first roomie who I went to Europe with (and was practically inseperable with for a year), the other being my rock climbing buddy who ran the Boston marathon, is as tidy as a mouse (why this expression? I don’t get it), and drinks English tea. Both were in my wedding and are dear friends. And both know that sometimes my life can get chaotic at times 🙂 Meaning… they have both literally cleaned my room for me during finals week because for some reason I am incapable of maintaining order in my life? How embarrassing. But true. And they were full of tremendous advice.

Now that you are all gasping and have probably picked up the phone to call some full service cleaning company, let me set your mind at ease… because finally mine is.

JD and I are on a constant search for impleminting simplicity and love in our lives. As a couple, we’ve made lifestyle decisions that reflect our heart for Jesus, loving others, and stewardship (of money, environment, and time). The closer we grow to Jesus, the simpler our lives become.

Recently, we began honoring the Sabbath on Mondays, our day off. In minsitry, Sunday is not the Sabbath. On Mondays we fast from our computers and television. Sometimes this is incredibly painful for me, because I tend to get a bit obsessed with my blog friends and facebook. On Mondays I take a break. We read in our comfy recliners, drink coffee in the morning and sip delicious cabernet in the evenings. We trek to the grocery store for our week’s supply of groceries, visit friends, play, and rest.

In addition to the Sabbath, we decorated our house a bit (with the help of a couple crafty friends), which makes cleaning SO MUCH FUN! Mostly. Every night we take a walk around the cottage and pick up burp cloths, cups, blankets and stuffed animals, books, and spare dishes. JD does the dishes and I fold the laundry. We cook together, eat together, and pray together. Sometimes we pray together four times a day. It’s like we’re Amish… 😉 In the mornings we take Rowdy on a walk before work.

Ellie eats, plays, and sleeps – in that order – every two to four hours. Is it just me or is having a baby suddenly becoming much easier? Am I in for a rude awakening soon? Because lately she has been a DREAM! She smiles and dances when we pick her up from her crib in the morning, falls asleep within ten or fifteen minutes, rolls over, coos, merely fusses as she falls asleep, takes one to two hour naps, poops more often (meaning fewer blowouts), and sleeps eight or nine hours at nine. Tomorrow I will tell you she woke up every hour at night, screamed bloody murder at nap time, and exploded mustard out of her butt several times during the day.

But today she is easy. And life feels good.

It must be the fall…


4 Replies to “Life right now.”

  1. Your Mondays sound wonderful. I can only dream of turning off the TV for a full day (and the computer, too, I guess) and just lounging around reading with my hubby. Sounds really special. I am glad you have a day like that. Also glad that things seem to be looking up for you right now. (Boy am I obsessed with my blog and FB, too, though.)

  2. i’ll trade your life for mine right now, it just sounds so peaceful and nice. just kidding, i do love my life, but it’s not peaceful. oh and it’s funny because i too was blessed with wonderful friends who came in and cleaned my room in college when life was just too hectic! love you.

  3. Brian and I have been working on praying together more too. I like how you said that the closer you get to Jesus, the simpler the life you can live. That’s where we’re heading right now too, starting with this move next week. A great time. I’m glad JD has jumped on board and is helping out so much with the discipline and sanity thing. I can tell that he takes care of you so well. What a good husband and father. Love you and can’t wait to see you in 2 weeks!

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