My dearest Ellie Joy,

This is what I know of you at three months old:

You are strong and independent. You are extremely passionate. When you are happy, your daddy and I are convinced there never lived a happier baby. And when you are ticked off, well, we know. Gas, hunger, and overtiredness will do it to you. Sometimes, when you’re really set off, you like to hold your breath to the point where mom almost has a heart attack, even though doc says this is all very normal and at some point, you will breathe again.

You have a beautiful smile and your daddy’s dimple. We’re crazy about you – really we are. Your hair is awesome. There is simply no ryhme or reason to it. The hairbrush tidies for seconds, and then your whole head looks like you stuck your tiny finger into an electric socket.

You still like to be swaddled. We tried weening you for a bit, and you did ok but then I read the Baby Whisperer and she recommends swaddling through four months. So we tried again and you slept nine hours straight! Therefore, we swaddle. It thrills us to no end that you sleep eight or nine hour stretches at night.

You are such a big girl now. Even at three months you try to sit up on your own, roll over from back to tummy (at night), and LOVE to stand. One time you stood straight up while I merely held on to your tiny hands. Honestly I think you’re Super Woman in disguise. Where are you hiding that red cape and gold belt anyway?

When we hold you, our little Ellie Joy, you love to face the world. You are fascinated by your surroundings and we are in awe of your eager spirit.

There is no end to the joy you give us.

Happy three months little one,

love mama


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