sweet stuff…

Yesterday the sun was shining, birds were chirping, and I was in desperate need for a break. Our wonderful pastor told me recently in an eval. meeting that when Ellie is awake I need to pull the mom card, put aside work, and focus on Ellie guilt-free. What a gift! Of course, as Ellie begins to stay awake for longer hours, we have to sometimes let her entertain herself with toys on her blanket or the swing, and she is content to do so, but both JD and I take turns making sure our daughter is well cared for with that extra special parental lovin’.

Ellie and I decided (yes, she told me so) we needed to go outside and lay under a tree to read stories before her next nap time and so the two of us spread out on a very special blanket made by great grandma and read stories and learned Spanish via super cool flashcards.


Ellie preferred to eat the flashcards and kept pulling on them to chomp on the decorated cardboard tags.

Maybe my favorite thing EVER…


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