first dip in the ocean

I’ve been quiet lately, internet. Mostly because all I have to say is “woe is me, Ellie is still teething and it makes me want to chop off my hand sometimes.” There are thoughts… but no time to articulate them well. For the time being this blog has turned into full blown mommy blog, but it makes my parents and parents – in- law happy. So eat your heart out Ellie lovers – Ellie has entered ocean waters.

props to anyone who guesses the beach and surf break…

<these photos are taken with my phone.. sorry for quality. forgot the darn camera!>






She LOVED the ocean experience. Our little island girl…


6 Replies to “first dip in the ocean”

  1. hmmm… the break is pretty big indicating north shore or west side for wrap. my first thought was waimea cuz of the amount of sand and the distance of the break but then i remembered that waimea has a huge drop off into the shore break when the waves are big, so… i don’t know. is it waimea?

  2. The beach is Ehukai Beach and the surf break is the oh so famous Pipeline. Pipe was pumping that day, and in the water with our little Ellie girl were a dozen or so pro-surfers practicing for the Triple Crown. We got there pretty late (4ish) and shared the beach with mostly pro surfers, a few locals, and some meandering tourists. It was super fun!

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