weekly update

I read Marko‘s (of youth specialties) blog on a consistent basis, and I love his Monday updates for two reasons: 1) it’s good to get a glimpse into the life of the blogger aside from normal musings and 2) it helps me to think about my week and what the heck I’m doing in this whirlwind called “life of a full time youth director with a teething four month old.” Here starteth my weekly updates. They shall be posted on Tuesdays, however, since Monday is not only a day off, but also our Sabbath and day without tv & computer.

weekend report: The first half of our weekend was youth-tastic. We had a leader dinner at the cottage on Friday night, where we got amped on small groups and shared the joys and frustrations of working with high school teens. We woke early the next morning for our winter camp car wash… where we put 10 kids to work to begin fundraising that $1,000 needed for Forest Home. That is, $1,000 each. Thank you expensive flights. We do it because we believe in the experience for the kids, and they get to play in snow. We crashed for the rest of Saturday. I don’t even know what we did. Probably watched Friends. Sunday was church, lunch with Pat, Chrissy, and Chrissy’s brother, Sandy Beach outing, and then Sunday night dinner at the Sklars with the Palmers. We have dinners on Sundays to live in community. To share food, our lives, and our kids with each other. Monday we jaunted to the North Shore to catch some nice barrels at Pipe, eat teriyaki cheese fries at Grass Skirt Grill, and listen to Ellie scream for an hour in the car. No joke. It was a busy but good weekend… with the added bonus of Tuesday to catch up on household chores, send thank you cards that were written four months ago, take a family walk into Kailua town, and help JD replace our brakes (and by help I mean I pressed on the brake pedal when he told me to). Tuesday evening was capped off with the final disk of season ten of Friends, a haircut given by yours truly to yours truly, and broiled pork chops with a brown rice, basil, tomato salad. Delightful

where I am at the moment: On the couch in our living room with a cup of joe at my side, Ellie rolling on her blanket in front of me, and JD at the kitchen table. Wednesday mornings are off since we work nonstop in the evening. <In the duration of writing this post, I nursed, played with Ellie, read her three books, and put her to sleep>

on my to-do list this week: What isn’t on my to-do list? Specifically: emailing parents about this week’s Thanksgiving Feast, rotate Ellie’s clothes so that 3-6 months is her main size, send all thank you cards that were written a ridiculously long time ago, make employee questionnaire for my dad’s business blog that I am starting up soon.

procrastinating about: Writing a curriculum for jr. high based off Philip Yancey’s “The Jesus I Never Knew” and a few other books, making winter calendars for youth

projects: painting a toy box for the Palmer kids. I got it started and it looks like a kid painted it, so I’m repainting a lot. Harder than I thought it would be. Writing a book with Jill about the first year of parenting (for reals! We’ll put up a blog soon).

book(s) I’m reading: In the middle of too many! Phillip Yancey’s “The Jesus I Never Knew,” for curriculum, Brennan Manning’s “The Relentless Wisdom of Tenderness” for my soul, Eldredge’s “Captivating” for discussion with one of our students, “Breaking the Missional Code” for ministry, and hoping to get into some Joan Didion for pleasure.

next youth event: Thanksgiving Feast this Saturday! Each small group will prepare a dish together and then the whole high school group will feast it up in the youth room as a community!

ellie’s current favorite trick: rolling across the living room floor and sitting up ALL BY HERSELF.

excited about: my new haircut, my dad’s business blog

how I’m feeling about this week: Relieved to have Tuesday off, but now playing a lot of catch up. I’m excited about the Thanksgiving Feast on Saturday, nervous about all the admin part of the event!


3 Replies to “weekly update”

  1. the thanksgiving feast will be great! like squatternut bosh. i do enjoy those friends! i also enjoy screaming babies in the car, WHAT? when do the palmers and the groves get to meet at the north shore and enjoy tery cheese fries, a yummy real margarita, and a good latte together?
    what jess is putting off- cleaning, working, cooking, just about everything. awesome!

  2. excited about: your book w/ Jill!, your fun format 😉

    Thankful for: good friends, Sunday dinners (missed you guys last Sun. night), Thanksgiving coming up, fact that my kids entertain each other now, beach walks,sidewalk chalk.

    procrastinating about: making dinner,cleaning up from lunch, laundry, everything else! let’s start a club!

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