weekly update

weekend report: Saturday was dedicated to the high school group’s Thanksgiving Feast. My small group was in charge of potatoes. And potatoes there were. Our entire kitchen smelled of potatoes: skins, boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, the whole bit. We even clogged the drain, which JD faithfully unclogged for us. The junior girls scrubbed, peeled, boiled, mashed, mixed, melted butter cube upon butter cube, and baked. It was beautiful. Later in the evening thirty students gathered for table fellowship (hello Bartchy – anyone?) outdoors. We toasted Martinellis (after calming a considerable amount of students who were very concerned we were serving them alcohol) to Thanksgiving and enjoyed smoked turkey, ham, cranberries served in two different dishes, green bean casserole, salad, spam fried rice (thank you sophomore and junior boys), stuffing, pumpkin pies, mashed potatoes, and the oh so yummy sweet potato concoction of goodness with a hint of orange juice. Sunday afternoon, after church, JD, Ellie, and I trekked to the mall to purchase the first season of 30 Rock (a birthday gift for JD from his parents) and found a killer deal on season seven of Scrubs (oh sweet mercy). Around 4 pm JD began taking liquid supplements intended to initiate an all liquid expulsion, if you get my drift, for a medical procedure on Monday which required a certain region to be completely emptied out. He was restricted to clear liquids for 24 hours. We made the most of it by watching the entire season of Scrubs and a few episodes of 30 Rock while JD ate jello and chicken broth. Yummm. I made a grocery run at ten pm for more broth and popsicles, and I’m gonna be honest with you – it felt like a preggo run except he was the pregnant one craving beef broth instead of Taco Bell nacho supremes. Monday was spent in recovery from Sunday (including a visit from brother for most of the day), which meant at one point everyone in the house was sleeping. It was a quiet, rainy day. We did not fast from technology.

where I am at the moment: Just got off the phone with Cait after having one of those conversations with another person who just really knows your soul well and whose soul you know almost like your own. Ellie sleeps in her crib, JD works on his lesson for tomorrow, and I am taking a break to write this on our couch with a bowl of leftover sweet potato casserole.

on my to-do list this week: Work on Multi blog, make youth winter calendars, make a trip to the baby store for a new pump, bottles, and breast milk storage bags, write first lesson of new jr. high curriculum, confirm winter camp roster and contact travel agent.

procrastinating about: Part of me wants to say “all of the above” and part of me wants to say “hmm… maybe I should dust again?” We’ll see how well I do on my to-do list by next week.

projects: painting a toy box for the Palmer kids. Writing mama book with Jill – but will be in process for at least another 8 months, so I might take this off the “project list” for a bit. Christmas presents

book(s) I’m reading: In the middle of too many! Phillip Yancey’s “The Jesus I Never Knew,” for curriculum, Brennan Manning’s “The Relentless Wisdom of Tenderness” for my soul, Eldredge’s “Captivating” for discussion with one of our students, “Breaking the Missional Code” for ministry, and hoping to get into some Joan Didion for pleasure. Same as last week. It’s hard to read when you have a four month old and reading blogs is oh so much easier…

next youth event: There is a YMCA Teen Night this Saturday, but we’re not super involved this time.

ellie’s current favorite trick: drinking 7 oz. bottles. We took a break from solids for a while because she had a nasty vomit of applesauce and the doctor said we could hold out a little longer if we want. After her drinking 7 oz. this morning though, I’m not sure I can keep up with her in the pumping department.

excited about: Triple Crown Surf Competition and GIANT WAVES, date night tonight

how I’m feeling about this week: hopeful.


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  1. I started my baby on oatmeal today. 🙂 Our doctor said to wait till 6 months to start her on veggies + fruits, which is not what I did w/ my first…I started her at 5 months with veggies and never did the rice/oatmeal cereal. I know you are just going with your gut, but wanted to update you on our process. I can’t believe how old they are getting!

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