One Day Late

I didn’t have a chance to write my weekly update yesterday, so here goes today:

Weekend Report: The Weather Report is in: Expect to be under it and it’s gonna pour. Meaning, we were all sick this weekend and it rained all day Saturday. And by rain I mean downpour. We had plans of going to the North Shore for a little surf comp, but the weather kept us in bed all the day long. Literally. We set up the computer and watched season one of 30 Rock in our pj’s until I got cabin fever and took Ellie on an outing to Starbucks where she wooed the baristas and sparked wonderful conversation with people. See, this is why you have kids. So you can easily invest in the community around you ;). After church on Sunday I was itching to get out so we headed to the Windward Mall and bought Ellie some Christmas presents. This is also why you have kids. To buy cute Christmas presents. Unfortunately, because of our sickos, we had to miss Sunday dinner and stayed home. Dinner was provided by Patrick and his college friends who had so much leftover food from their own Thanksgiving meal that our fridge will be stocked for days with turkey and potatoes. Mmm.

where I am at the moment: In la officina, attempting to get Elianna to sleep. She fell asleep by the end of this post

on  my to – do list this week: make chocolate cake for Thanksgiving, dedicate three hours to writing, rest.

procrastinating about: nothing and everything all at the same time… working on this. Realizing that I usually operate – no – perform best when in crunch time. Bad Annie. Bad, bad, bad. Because while I might do something well with lots on my plate, I also get stresssssssssssed out and my jaw locks and I can’t eat sourdough bread. See why this is bad? All very bad.

books I’m reading: Breaking the Missional Code and The Jesus I Never Knew. Looked at some baby books this week too..

next youth event: My junior girls small group is baking Christmas cookies after church on Sunday

ellie’s current favorite trick: touching new textures, reaching for mom or dad on a consistant basis, sucking her thumb, blowing snot rockets

excited about: Thanksgiving with our community of friends here, making chocolate cake

how I’m feeling about this week: maybe my favorite week of the year…


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