made my morning…

The BEAUTIFUL part of being a youth director, in addition to the wonderful calling of shepherding teens in their walk with Jesus of course, is having a boss friend who walks into our office announcing a necessary field trip to his office to watch something. And being on a staff where snorting out loud is encouraged because these videos are just that funny:

hit to,, and Sean Palmer

p.s. – sorry if the first one is offensive to you – I’m just imaging something like this happening in our church, and, being on a church staff, I find it hilarious (though I do feel sorry for the poor guy who dropped it). And make sure you watch all 54 seconds of the second one. You’re in for a treat. Especially if you are my father and have the same sense of humor as me.


5 thoughts on “made my morning…

  1. Christie Kiley says:

    It was a good 10 seconds before anyone did anything to try and save face. So awkward…and then they take the base and just leave the headless statue there! Amazing.

  2. Bob says:

    Oh Annie…can you hear me laughing from where you are? Too funny. Thank goodness I did not have you tube as a youth. You would have probably seen me swallowing a vitamin!

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