because we think she’s pretty cute




By the way… those dots on her face are neither from a rash nor baby acne. The polka dotted pipi longstocking cheeks are the result of a ridiculous number of mosquitos that love to attack our baby. The other day I counted 20-30 bites on her face, and another 20 or so on her head. We had a crazy storm bringing in mosquitos by the droves. Bought a mosquito eater, centrinela candle, and we wipe Ellie down with a dryer sheet at night (the former hasn’t helped nearly as much as the latter two items). Our next step is purchasing a mosquito net for her crib. Poor baby girl.

She hit the 5.5 month mark yesterday and I can hardly believe it. We’re into solids (rice cereal with applesauce and sweet potatoes so far), babbling (she said “hi” yesterday and we are choosing to believe that this was a result of sound imitation because she did it twice after we said it to her), trying really really reallllllly hard to crawl but thus far only managing to scoot her butt up in the air so high she might as well topple over into a somersault, and she still insists on being swaddled. We are beyond excited to visit the mainland soon and introduce our Ellie girl to family and friends.

Feeling lame for my lack of writing lately – so a mini update is in order. Oh, and I’m not writing another weekly update until I finish my project because it makes me feel bad. 😉 Deadline is Saturday…


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