It’s Official.

We’ve moved on past mustard poop. I’m taking a moment to mourn the fact that from here on out – the poop found in her diapers is going to be smelly and gross… and yes, I gagged. I thought I’d be a stud about it, but I’m not. My husband is a stud. I am not. But I am also the one who wakes up when she does, which is usually when she poops (still every three days or so – awesome), and so I get to deal with sweet potato poop. Sounds cute doesn’t it? It’s not. I sorta want to throw a temper tantrum about it, which I am doing in blog form over the internet right now. That’s all.

And yes, I really did dedicate an entire post to talking about my daughter’s poop – and it’s not the first time I’ve done it, if you’re reading my blog for the first time. Welcome all you Costco customers!!!! 😉


2 Replies to “It’s Official.”

  1. Ha ha! What a good first blog for those Costco readers to fall into! And I must say that I gagged two Sundays ago when changing my daughter’s diaper, who also recently started solids. Actually I didn’t just gag, I threw up my entire lunch. Ewwww.

  2. Now thats is the least of your worries it’s when she leaks the smelly stuff our of a diaper and it doesn’t come out of the clothes.

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