Six month musings.

Oh, hi! There you are… Yes you with the white screen and all the keys. Remember me? Or have you forgotten me just like Ellie forgot how to take her bottle after a week or so of not giving it to her… I have to say I’ve missed you. Sort of. Well for what it’s worth – here we go. A post.

Despite the fact that Ellie won’t take her bottle due to our inconsistency, her strong will, and my purist fear of formula (since I am capable of pumping about only two ounces at a time), I have got to say that having a six month old might just be my favorite thing ever. At three months I remember thinking, “wow, this is a lot easier,” and then she started teething and I thought, “wow, this sucks right now and why the HECK won’t she sleep through the night anymore?” and then month five rolled around and it was like the baby fairy waved her magic wand at Elianna and turned her into this magnificantly amiable baby who rarely screams, has discovered the glory of the non-solid foods (because really, they seem a whole lot more liquidy than solid – but that’s just me), laughs, smiles, grunts, and says, “duh.”

And here we are at month six. She moved yesterday. In a forward motion. On her toes. Because who needs knees when you have perfectly capable toes that will do just about the same thing? I think she really just wants to show off her booty by sticking it straight up in the air. Cuz baby’s got back, if you know what I’m saying.

She knows what I’m saying. She’s proud of those chunky thighs and the baby booty. We have conversations about it quite frequently. In the form of grunting. It goes a little something like this:

Ellie: Grunt.

Me (or whoever, really): Grunt.

Ellie: Grunt…. grunt.

Me: Grunt. Grunt. gruntgruntgruntgruntgrunt.

Ellie (with arms flapping and legs dancing): gruntgruntgruntgruntgruntgrunt. GRUNT. grunt. Gruntgrunt.

Ok maybe you had to be there, but it’s HILARIOUS. It’s really the only way we survived the car ride home from the cabin last week. That and thirty three rounds of “Go to sleep” sung by yours truly.

Last week Ellie realized that she loves the runny food that comes out of the jar (or that mommy makes in the grinder) and I’m pretty sure this realization also came with some absurd thought that she’d NEVER EATEN BEFORE IN HER ENTIRE LIFE and one jar is just simply not enough. Seriously. For a couple weeks Ellie entertained the idea of solid foods by spitting out 90% of whatever we put in her mouth. One tiny jar lasted three days. We arrived in Bakersfield and my dad ran to the store to pick up some baby food for Ellie, what I thought would be sufficient for the week. Wrong. We returned to the store at least three or four times because Ellie developed a new trick where she bursts into tears if we removed the bowl of food from her vision. Right around the time when the food was running out and Ellie still opened her mouth like a little bird, my mom looked at me and said, “I don’t think she’s done…” to which of course I responded with, “Mom. She never eats a whole serving. I don’t think she’s hungry.” And then Ellie began wailing so I served her another jar and ate my own words with her. Already getting grandma on her side. I see how it is.

Ellie was wonderful on our trip to Bakersfield. She only screamed twice. Once while my mom and I were shopping at Target and Ellie was home with non-breastmilk producing folks and the other time in the car ride home from the cabin. She was not a fan of the altitude adjustment, nor her pacifier. I have to mention the screaming episodes becaue the fact that it only happened twice is miraculous. It’s the baby fairy I’m sure. She’s teething like a crazy woman with enough drool to put a hound dog to shame and yet is just as happy as a lark. Mostly. Except when we try to give her a bottle. And when she’s dirty. Or really really sleepy. Or those little teeth keep poking at her. Or finish her solid foods meal, apparently.

Honestly though, I’m amazed at how much she has changed. Her personality is so quirky and wonderful and sweet. Six months is my new favorite age 🙂

Gotta go. We’re trying the sippy cup today and I hear stirring in the crib.


2 Replies to “Six month musings.”

  1. So great to read an update. I am glad you are enjoying month 6. We are almost in the middle of month 5, and other than the sleep issues, it’s going well. Clara likes to wake up 20 mins after I put her to bed at night and insist on getting up b/c she thinks she’s hungry, even though I fed her before she went to bed. Then she’ll awaken around 3 am, always feigning hunger. Then again around 6. Sometimes, between the 3 am and 6 am awakenings, my 4-yr-old will have to come tell me something in my room, like she lost her stuffed animal, or she’s scared, or her legs hurt….so sleep for me is rare around here during the night. Other than that, months 5 is just fine. But I do look forward to consecutive good nights of sleep within the coming months (I hope). Hey, long enough comment for you?

  2. Annie, it was so good to hear from you. Yes, I am married!!! Sometimes I wake up and look at her and say the same thing. She is awesome. Thank you for the congrats. Your most recent post made me tear up a bit…man, I just can’t imagine. Maybe in a year or so. When I was in Bakersfield this summer I was able to pay a visit to some of the family. I saw your parents, Kurt and his wife, Jake, Kim and Brad, Marti, Grandma and Grandpa. We looked at pictures of your baby. She is beautiful, Annie. A family reunion would be a lot of fun, and I’d be game but you need to make sure someone tells me about it–I tend to reside on the periphery of The Loop (though I take the fault for that). Well, take care, Annie, and may the Lord bless your family.

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