and then she was all…

“hey mom! Let’s not take naps anymore! EVER!!!!”


Ellie has always been a fairly fantastic sleeper. Most of the time, it’s: 1) swaddle, 2) pacifier, 3) cuddle, 4) mobile, 5) fan, and 6) walk away.

Not this week!

Today she took two catnaps of 20-30 mins. each. Awesome.

Could be due to one or more of the following:

1) needs some prunes if you know what I mean

2) we flew to the mainland and back very recently

3) she’s so close to crawling she can taste it

4) she developed a pretty intense cold over the past day or so

5) routine? what routine?

6) pearly whites slowlly making their way into existence causing extreme drooling, chewing, pain, tears, and tummy aches

It’s really hard to believe that she will ever! be! able! to! nap! again! when you spend even as little as a few days trying everything possible to get the girl to go sto sleep. The reality is, this is here and now and won’t be forever, but when you’re in it – it feels like an eternity and never again will you have a normal routine with a full night’s sleep. I know, save the drama for you mama – but guess what? I AM da mama and I’m a little over nap time this week.


3 Replies to “and then she was all…”

  1. Sorry. I’m sure you’ve probably tried this already, but if you sit outside with her in the wind and the sunshine for an hour or so past her regular nap-time, do you think that she might finally get a bit tired? (I say this b/c it happened to Clara the other day.) But you’ve probably tried that already. You live in Hawaii, after all.

  2. Poor Annie. and Ellie. No fun!

    The good news is that, although I know that I spent many a day dreading that same scenario, I barely remember those issues now. My girl was a terrible napper and that made her quite cranky some days. Now though, she takes 3-4 hour naps. Heaven, I tell you! There is hope! It’s funny how as motherhood continues you remember less and less of the hard times.

  3. Erika, that’s a great suggestion! I haven’t actually tried that one yet – even though we have plenty of sunshine and wind to go around!

    Barbie, thanks for the encouragement – it’s good to hear that at some point, they will figure some stusff out. 3-4 hour naps? Are you kidding? Awesome. I will say – I don’t even remember the rough beginning, can you believe that? I can’t believe how much she has grown. Wow.

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