quote of my life right now

“She’s at such a cute age…. Now that she’s eating solid food, she poops around the clock.”

Props to whoever guesses who said this line…


7 Replies to “quote of my life right now”

  1. really, no one got it yet? friends by rachel asking monica and chandler to babysit. i could keep going but then that’s a little sad that i know it so well (depending on who you are i guess).

  2. Ah man, someone answered before me. I was totally going to guess Friends. It’s when Rachel asks Chandler and Monica to babysit in Season 9 I believe. The details of why she asked them to babysit are slipping my mind at the moment (something work-related?), but I remember that Monica was ovulating and she and Chandler were trying to get pregnant, and they debated if they should do it when they were watching the baby. Joey came into the apartment when they were in the bedroom and he freaked out and said something like “You can’t have s-e-x when you’re watching the b-a-b-i-e!” Then he took the baby and Monica and Chandler came out of the room and Emma was gone and they freaked out and called Rachel and tried to be discrete. Everything ended up working out…and I know way too much about Friends. 🙂

  3. to add to the response, she asks chandler and monica to babysit because phoebe set her up on a blind date with the ‘i get high’ dude and joey set ross up on the date that didn’t show date and he gets free crab cakes. and it ends with ross and joey trying to get free crab cakes. okay, we’re pretty pathetic now. but kind of awesome!

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