Seven months Snippets.

I have no time. No time. None. Blogging, unfortunately, has taken a backseat until we take our trip to Forest Home in a couple weeks. There have been posts upon posts floating through my brain but there is simply no time. At first the busyness felt good, like things were getting done and ministry was happening, and we were seeping in productivity and my self-worth was shooting through the roof and blah, blah, blah. And then I got sick and remembered that life is not about checking off to-do lists Phew! Glad I got that out of the way.

Anyhow, I’m still busy and have no time for creativity at the moment, but there are some really important things that I want to jot down about Ellie before I forget. Soooo… here are the snippets at month SEVEN!

1. I gave birth seven months ago. SEVEN! She’s practically a teenager already. Sheesh.

2. Tooth number one came in Jan. 24. Tooth number two came in today, Feb.3, the day after JD wanted to pull his hair out for being left home with a SCREAMING infant for a few hours. I got the phone call. I heard the screams. I rushed home. She screamed some more. It was AWESOME.

3. Making baby food is therapeutic. I am not naturally gifted in the area of domestic living… I am capable, and can even make some fantastic food sometimes, but JD’s the cook in the family. Sometimes this makes me feel like less of a woman, and I sorta cringe when people find out that JD is the main cook. I realize most people are in awe of the fact that a man does the cooking, and I’m sooo grateful, but at times I feel like the loser who doesn’t have her life together enough to prepare the daily dinner. Enter baby food. Ellie eats a TON. At least two stage two servings of the mush with cereal/oatmeal. It costs us a fortune. We do not own a fortune. Therefore, I bought several fruits and veggies (and a sassy little Williams Sonoma baby food cookbook for inspiration), consulted my ma-in-law, and went to steaming/baking/pureeing/freezing town! I told JD as I poured the zucchini puree into ice cube trays that I love making baby food because it actually makes me feel organic and natural and womanly. Obviously this is a much deeper issue than just baby food 😉

4. Ellie won’t take a bottle. Or the sippy cup. I know, I know, if I were working away from her I could force the bottle, but I’m not and I don’t want to do that, and this would all be fine except Wednesday. Wednesday is youth group, and I don’t know about you, but teaching a bunch of teens while wearing a baby is a bit less than ideal.

5. Enter seperation anxiety. Ellie doesn’t know a stranger, but when I’m gone – woah.

6. Vocabulary. She’s learning one! She now says, “DA!” “Hiii” (in a whisper, usually) “Gagaga” “Geegeegee” and all those other sounds that babies make. Raspberries included.

7. She. Is. Awesome. And I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

8. She doesn’t crawl. She swivels and rolls, and travels all over via the swivel and roll method. She also stands and occasionally takes steps if you hold on to her little fingers.

9. She might scream when I leave the room, but she squeals when daddy enters! The other morning after nursing, Ellie leaned against JD and literally pressed her lips against his while he was sleeping, tiny dimpled hand stroking his cheek and all. I melted and died inside. So did JD.

10. I have a girlie girlie girlie girl! Dolls are her prefered toy of choice (so much so that Auntie Steph, who is GREAT with babies, told me that Ellie could care less about her and was waaaay more interested in the new doll Aunt Kim gave her for Christmas), and she truly loves her clothes. JD and I think this is hilarious. I have this sense that Elianna has within her a great gift of nurturing. When I watch her gather her little blocks and tuck them under her belly like a little red hen, coo and cuddle her soft baby doll, and look with interest at other babies, I can’t help but feel thrilled that she’s our firstborn. I know someday she will be a great older sister. We are constantly overwhlemed with ooey gooey warm and mushy feelings for our baby girl. She is such a delight!


2 Replies to “Seven months Snippets.”

  1. LOL, Isn’t it amazing how little girls instinctually love dolls. Well, some like dolls (I hated them and Barbie said she didn’t like them either). Aubrey has always loved her dolls and is such a little “mother”. Sounds like Elianna will do the same but I think it comes about because they’ve had such good mothering themselves that they love to imitate. Isn’t it fun? KIM

  2. I’m trying to picture you “wearing a baby” whilst teaching middle schoolers…I totally think you could pull it off. Major style points. 🙂

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